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14 Days of “Make it Merry” Holiday at Home

It’s my day!!!!  Finally! I was so excited to do this blog hop with Diane at Home Sweet Homemade and 12 other amazing bloggers that I’ve had trouble keeping a lid on the topic of my post, Holiday at Home. My contribution marks the middle ground in this 14 day journey of Make it Merry and let me tell you there has been no shortage of brilliance these last 6 six days.

As with most of my blog posts I can’t help but sneak a little lesson in. Some lessons are very quiet and just sort of thread their way through my post, but this one won’t be so subtle.  But I’ll try to be gentle.

Make it Joyful

Christmas…the most wonderful time of the year, so the song says, however for some it’s not so wonderful. Myself included.  There are moments of sadness as I reflect.  You can’t help but remember specific times in your life when you are decorating for the holidays.  Unwrapping ornaments, pulling out dishes and decorations, every single thing stirs up a memory.  I could let this affect my joy if I chose to, but I don’t.  I soon realize that while there will always be times in my life that bring me sadness, I can just as easily find the joy in that moment too.

Make it Affordable

I experienced abundant joy while creating this centerpiece and tablescape.  Joy from the fact that most of the items used to make this Christmas table were things I already had.  Hidden treasures from all over my house.   The only items I bought were the two berry sprays and the four green salad plates and all were 50% off at Hobby Lobby.

Don’t break the bank to decorate you home for the holidays.  Pull things that you have from your home.  These days there are no rules for colors, do with what you have.  All that you see in this post (seriously) are things that I had at my fingertips.  I have yet to pull down that attic door and unload SEVEN hugs storage bins and 250 snowmen.

The place mats I made back in the summer and I love them in this setting because the are rustic, the provide a great contrast so that my red plates pop! and the bows at the top remind me of a gift.  My love of pulling odd items together is truly a gift from God.  That’s the way he wired me I know this because of the overflowing joy I get from doing it.

Make it Easy

About a month ago my dearest friends were purging things from their home and came across two half barrels that were literally falling apart.  They confessed that they thought about me and they asked if I would like to have them.  When they back into my driveway and began unloading them, my heart began racing.  I saw that barrel top and knew immediately that I would be using it in my home somewhere, somehow.  I just didn’t know the exact time and place.

Make it Simple

Remember a few days ago I shared with you my version of handmade bed springs?  What did I tell you?  There are so many things you can do with these quirky little springs.  I’ve even added them to the Christmas tree.

Make it Fun

There will be about 7 blog posts coming from this one post.  Spin offs!  That’s cool.  I love to write and share with others about things fun ideas I use to decorate my home.  You’ll notice there is a slight theme to my stories…rust and re-purposing. Whatever you do during the holidays, be sure to have fun.  If decorating is not your thing, then let the kids decorate the tree call it good.  Let your kids add their touch of creativity to your holiday decor and then you’ll have more time to do what you love to do.  What is it?  Movies?  Baking? Volunteering? maybe it’s just doing what you love to do, reading, shopping…whatever.

Make it You

Maybe you’ve not noticed but I’m not a real fancy decorator.  I like rustic, simple, natural, unusual, strange and funky.  That lovely silverware in the photo above…not mine.  That is Riley’s and she has graciously let me borrow it for this photo. Those lovely crystal glasses…yes they are mine, but I’ve had them for 20 years and I’ve used them about 4 times. We just aren’t formal people.  You have dinner with me, it will taste great and the conversation will be stimulating but the tableware will be basic.  I mean come on…my everyday glasses are mason jars.

Make it Handmade

If you can…try to make a lot of your decorations. Even better make things with your kids, use as decorations and give as gifts.  Everyone loves receiving a handmade gift.

Make in Unique

Think out of the box and decorate with things that bring fun and whimsy to your home.   Last year, Donna at Funky Junk Interiors used some of her mom’s personal belongings to decorate her tree ,eye glasses and a watch were a couple of things that I recall.  It was stunning and heart warming.  Every time Donna looked at her tree last year, she recalled a wonderful memory of her mom.

Make it Stress Free

Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve not been up in the attic to pull down all of our Christmas decorations.  I’m not in a real hurry.  I mean really…look at my tree.  I could call it done just as it is.  That burlap skirt is really a table cloth I made for my craft show tables, it’s just thrown down and bunched around the base. The ornaments that are on the tree are just things I’ve stuck on here and there, much to the dismay of my daughter.  She’s really wanting her traditional ornaments on the tree.  The tree is up that is good enough for me right now.  What you may not know is that beyond the borders of all these photos is utter chaos.  We are in the middle of renovating our entry, den and mini library. So things are just a bit messy around here.  But as you can see, this little corner of my world is complete enough to be seen.  Look closely, the tape is still on the floor from painting the baseboards.

Thank you for allowing me share my rustic Christmas decor and the little life lessons of how to enjoy this time of year with your family and friends.   I hope that I wasn’t too hard on you.  My prayer is that everyone take advantage of this time of year to reflect, laugh, share and make some memories.  But above all…

Make in Merry!

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peace. love. rust.

Merry Christmas
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  • The Tablescaper

    Love those green plates with the holly. So happy to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    – The Tablescaper

  • CJ Foss

    You’re innovative and imaginative! Love the use of the barrel top as centerpiece (put some wheels on it and make it a lazy susan!) Love the bed springs for napkin rings. Well-done, creative nester. Thanks for posting/inspiring. ~CJ
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