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So much has happen since I last wrote a post.

I think the best way to share this whole story is to begin from the end and work my way backwards.

So here goes….We moved 2.5 hours south east of where we had spent the last 31 years of our lives. But the best news is we are out of debt and I now have a front porch with a swing!


So now the rest of the story…

We sold our house! The house where we raised five amazing children, welcomed 13 grandchildren and celebrated multiple anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, baptisms.  There were buckets of tears shed, laughter beyond measure, arguments, apologies, forgiveness, miles walked while holding crying babies, accidents, injuries, boo-boos.  I can’t imagine the amount of toilet paper and toilet flushes in 31 years.

Walls were painted, painted, painted and painted…there was demo, remodeling, I’m embarrassed to say some things were demo’d and never remodeled (this is why the word flip is in the title), carpets ripped out, floor laid and sometimes not.

We started several businesses while living in our home of 31 years. Some made it, some didn’t, some are still going strong.

We collected, hoarded, cleaned out and sold, then collected more. It’s was fun, then after awhile all that stuff you once loved becomes a burden.  I lost sleep over it. More on that later.

To sum it up….We now live in East Texas, not North Central Texas.  We are renting for now because we just don’t know much about this area and to be honest we really don’t know how God will use us in the next year.  So for now it’s just best to be not so tied down.

So are you wondering what exactly happened and what did we flip?

Question is…what didn’t we flip? There wasn’t a room that wasn’t touched with either a paint brush or hammer. In a nut shell we pretty much redid the whole inside…updated and brightened.

Our realtor said she wanted people to be wowed when they step through the front door.  I think we did well!

I have to say, there were many friends who sweetly said the house no longer looked like my house. That is exactly what we set out to accomplish, because in reality it wasn’t going to be our house any longer.

We met with our realtor in April and set in motion a plan to have the house on the market by May 15th.  We had 6 weeks to gitt’r done.

She said, do this….remove that….change this….fix, clean out, finish, redo. My head was spinning, but we regrouped, tackled and rallied.  Our house sold in three days with multiple offers. So when I get asked if all that hard work was worth it?  yes it was!  Would I ever do this again…flip a house? Who can say, but right now the memory of pain and exhaustion is still too fresh.

We also get asked if we miss our old house and to that we reply; not one bit.  The Lord truly stood in that gap for us and gave us peace throughout the whole process.  Have to give God all that glory because we could not have done any of what we accomplished without Him.

Sadly we had to say goodbye to our sweet Rudy.  His age and health issues could not handle the stress.  His body gave up and we let him go four days before closing. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of him.  He was my buddy 24/7 for 14 years.

We have our sites set on finding a little house on the prairie or a cabin in the woods or maybe just something on a nice piece of land.  So I guess you can count on us finding a place that we will be working on, just not sure when or where.  So for now, this sweet little frame house, in this tiny East Texas town will do.

If you would like to see the full house tour, click here.

peace. love. rust


Since I have a couple of these beauties sitting around I enjoy thinking up new ideas on how to use them in my decor.  I love the galvanized metal and if I’m lucky I can find some with rust which makes them even more awesome, just my personal opinion of course.

When I first saw the scoop in the photo above, I knew instantly what I wanted to do with it. I assume there are other junk loving friends out in the world that share my passion for a great rusty find, so how about I share some style ideas with the vintage grain scoops in hopes of creating more uses for vintage grain scoops in your home.

Adding a plant was my first choice; a real plant is my preference for the front porch or patio, but artificial or an air plant is good too plus they are less upkeep.  A nice artificial fern or trailing ivy would look great, they look so real!

This grain scoop would also make a perfect sconce for a tabletop or mantel, just add a large candle or a mason jar, add sand, pebbles or colorful beads and nest a tea light.   I don’t collect dolls or teddy bears, but I could picture a cute vintage teddy bear sitting in this.

Other useful ideas include bathroom storage for a box of tissues, extra toilet paper rolls.   In the office as a mail holder.  In the kitchen to hold wooden spoons or other large utensils or a add a terracotta pot without the plant and you have a great caddie for the craft room to store scissors, rulers, pens and markers.

How about by the fireplace holding handcrafted brooms.


In the photo below I set the handle of the scoop inside the hole of a the iron pillar to create a sconce. (Actually it is really an old disc spacer off of a piece of farm equipment. Which by the way make excellent candle holders, but that’s a whole other post you can read here.)  I could probably go on for days on how to use or style a vintage grain scoop in the home. In fact you can find a whole bunch of  ideas on Pintrest.

As mentioned, I only have two metal grain scoops, but  I would love to find a couple of wooden scoops to add to my collection.

Well there you go…the scoop on the scoop.

Do you own any grain scoops?

How have you used them in your home?

I’d love to hear your ideas!


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I love mornings spent with a hot cup of coffee and time to read.
Almost always one cup turns into two cups and before you know it, I’ve missed breakfast or I eat something reeeeally late. 

My daughter recently shared an article about how we coffee drinkers should really think about eating breakfast before diving into that piping hot pot of coffee. The article is titled; “Do you drink coffee in the morning on an empty stomach”, well yeah! I do as a matter of fact or I did until I read the article. It made a good point and since it didn’t suggest I do anything strange other than eating my breakfast before drinking coffee, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try.  

I have a lot of friends and a husband who don’t have time or don’t take the time to eat anything in the morning.  Now I have to say that even though I might eat late, I typically always eat breakfast.  Sometimes it’s a meal replacement shake and sometimes it’s a hot meal.  

So in the spirit of holding myself and others accountable for; a) eating breakfast and b) eating before indulging in a few cups of java, I thought I would share one of my favorite breakfast recipes.  It’s super simple, quick and easy…and it’s just ‘slap yo mama’ delish!    

Hope you love it! 


1 tsp coconut oil
2 eggs beaten*
1/4 cup cheddar cheese (shredded)
diced tomatoes
chopped green onion

melt 1tsp coconut oil in 8″ saute pan over medium heat. while coconut oil is melting beat eggs in small bowl and season. when coconut oil is melted completely, add eggs. when eggs become solid on bottom, using small flat spatula flip over. add shredded cheddar cheese, diced tomatoes & chopped green onions on one half. fold other half over veggies and cheese. when cheese is slightly melted, remove pan from heat and slid omelette onto plate.

serve with fresh berries

*for a healthier omelette use only the egg whites to prepare this dish

peace. love. rust.


My sweet husband works long days and weekends are always full of things to do around the house.  Yard work, tree trimming, pool clean, garage clean, wash cars or just catch up on book work for his pool cleaning business.   There is never a dull moment around here.  I worry about him and wonder if he ever feels overwhelmed.  He takes it all in stride and never complains, even though I know he’s tired.

Sundays are precious time spent together, going to church, long drives or maybe just sharing a bowl of popcorn while we binge on Netflix or watch movies.

When weekends roll around I always have a mental “honey do” list rolling through my head and most of the time I bite my tongue because I know he’s beat. But at the same time I know that he likes to keep busy.  He’s always been really creative and enjoys working on projects when time allows.

We’ve had tree limbs and old fence planks laying in our back yard for weeks and rather than suggest he spend the day cleaning, I dangled a carrot and challenged him to make something out of the materials waiting to be discarded.

As usual, my husband took me up on my challenge and blew me away with his determination to use only materials we had on hand, he went to work and after the dust cleared this was the result.


An adorable little rustic bird house.  He actually cranked out six of these in a span of 3 hours while listening to his beloved Packer game on his phone.  Gosh I love technology!  Of course the game was on the TV inside and he would take breaks every now and then, come in and watch.

I instantly fell in love with these sweet little bird houses and immediately dubbed them “rustic birdie cabins” and set about to add my rustic touches to them.  I added the wire and twine for hanging.  I was also instrumental in locating the screws for the little perching porches.  And then I had this idea…


Little feeding pots nested in a cone of rusted wire.  I had and stash of mini terracotta pots that needed a new purpose and now they are feeding pots for hubby’s birdie cabins.


Now I must tell you that I am fighting all kinds of urges to add little rustic touches here and there.  But for now this is how they roll.  Plain and simple, yet functional and adorable. I can’t wait for some sweet little birds to set up housekeeping.

Since there were so many made, I’ve listed some in my Etsy shop.  If they go quickly I bet hubby would make more.

These would make great gifts for Christmas!

peace. love. rust.




After we took our bed from boring to beautiful with a rescued mantle for a headboard,  that really only took care of one wall. We still had some issues with other areas. Those are the areas people don’t see in photos.

Yes it’s really true that all that eye candy you see on Pinterest, Instagram and DIY Home Decor blogs, is only pretty within the boundaries of what you are allowed to see. What you may not realize ( or maybe you do ) is that just on the other side of the pretty photo is usually a catastrophe that was masterfully cropped out. Sometimes it’s not so bad, maybe just a four legged furry photo bomb or minor clutter. But in my house it really is a mess just beyond the cropped photo.

But as I was saying about our master bedroom, the Vintage Mantel Headboard really turned out awesome just as I had dreamed it would. I am still over the moon about it and will probably remain that way for a long time. I’m not fond of change, especially if I finally find that one piece that I’ve been searching for. And since my mantel took years to find, I’m going to keep it F.O.R.E.V.E.R.

Vintage Mantel Headboard

I still love to make my bed and just stare at this one wall in my master bedroom.  But then I turn around and I see the other three walls.  Blagh! they are ugly.  Well the walls aren’t, but the areas are and one area in particular was just a dump.

So sad really, because I was the one who made it look so dumpy by literally dumping all those pillows from my bed, onto a cedar chest in one corner of the room.  Now I know that pillows are temporary dumping items, because in theory they go back on the bed everyday after a certain woman makes up her bed. But that’s so not the case, maybe once a week I’ll do that.  I’m trying to get better at making the bed everyday, but sometimes I don’t and then that corner continues to look like a mountain of pillows.

Now if it were only pillows, who would complain right?  I mean you have to put them somewhere so you can go to bed.  But no, I like to see just how much crap I can pile in one area before it explodes.  The other dumping items were all of my gazillon yarn projects that are not even close to being completed and yet I seem to start another one.  Each project has a tote that all the yarn, needles/hooks and the project itself, nest in while in the development stage.  Well, I have to put all this stuff somewhere, why not in that dark little corner in my bedroom where no one can see it. Including me since it all gets buried under pillows time and time again.

This is a peek at the corner on a good day.  I’ve already done some purging and gotten down to this point…

Reading corner before

I mean seriously!  Whose blanket and pillow do I see?  Even other peoples junk ends up in my room.

As I’m cleaning this out, I’m thinking what a really nice area this could be.   I can see a comfy chair and ottoman tucking into that corner quite nicely.  And then I remember that would involve shopping and spending money and that’s not going to happen anytime soon.  I have post wedding and college tuition empty wallet syndrome.  Can anyone relate?  Will I ever have money again in my life?   I know it’s really silly to be so dramatic, but sometimes this road seems endless. However, I have to say, this road is what ignites my creative fires and for that I am blessed.

No, better than that…I am content.  Content because creativity is a gift, it costs nothing to imagine, dream and create. And when you work with what you have. taking a unloved area and making it into something wonderful, it makes you feel amazing and like you can do anything!

So you want to see what I did with “zero” money in just a couple of hours one afternoon? All I did was gather things from other rooms in my house and I created this cozy little reading retreat, and I had a blast while doing it!

Grab a cup of coffee and check it out!


I’m in love with this cozy little corner.

Oh, I still want that chair and ottoman that I keep dreaming about, but this will have to do for now.

Reading Corner banner




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As this Christmas season approached, I grew anxious.  Our beautiful daughter just got married in early November, then it was Thanksgiving and now…WOW it’s here!

Time to climb up in the attic and pulled down the dozens of tubs and boxes filled with our traditional Christmas decor.

I was tired. I began toying with the idea of a very simple Christmas decor this year. I was kinda feel’n the “Christmas with the Kranks” mood setting it. Minus the cruise of course.  I didn’t want to leave, I just wanted to snuggle in for a long winter nap.

and then…

when Jake was home for Thanksgiving he said;

“Mom! When are you going to get all the snowmen out? Are you going to put them up on the amoire again?  I really loved that…I can’t wait!”

OH BOY! guess that nap will have to wait

Knowing I needed some help to get me into he holiday mood

 I took a tour down memory lane of Christmas’ past.

007Christmas 2011 decor

And then I began to dream about what Christmas’ future might look like.

And then I remembered the way the Christmas “present” was going to look like! Yikes…our tree!

Oh my gosh…our poor tree!

Our tree, usually a beautiful visual of our family’s personality, adorned with a collection of handmade, antique and one of a kind ornaments, was on it’s last leg last Christmas.  Our pre-lit tree was no longer lit because all 2000 lights had died.  I was unwilling to buy another tree, because I love the one we have, it’s shape, it’s size, the pine cones.

So we removed all 20 plus stands of lights, that were meticulously wrapped on every stink’n branch.

That little task took us two days to remove all the wires and lights….then I had to put lights back on!

20 more strands of lights went back on the tree, not as perfect as the original state, but it’ll do.  And it was a heck of a lot cheaper than buying a new tree.

So now that is done and the snowmen are out I’m happy to report.  Still not the explosion of Christmas decor as in the last few years, but it’s enough to make my son’s dreams come true.

 Actually, I dream too…it’s fun to dream.

While going through my blog to get into the Christmas decorating mode and to see how I decorated in years past, I found some of my favorite photos and I realize that my dreams have a common theme

for instance, did you know that I dream of a rustic cabin life?


Nothing glamorous

  just plaids, flannel, pine cones and rust

Quaint, but not primitive



Tucked back into the woods


Running water and electricity and an indoor bathroom

Lots of windows to watch the snow fall in the winter and let the breeze through in the summer.

A ginormous fireplace, made of stone of course

A front porch is a must

2012 Christmas Wreath

I have other dreams too, like a rustic seaside cottage

A farm house

2012 Christmas Entry Hall

Land with a creek running through it

Mountain views

Enough land to rescue dogs that don’t have a home

When I get my rustic cabin someday, I’ll want to decorate seasonally and of course Christmas will be my most favorite time of all.

Dining Room Sideboard

with snowmen covering every surface

pine cones, candles and the sweet scent of juniper

I prefer traditional colors of red and green

with berries, bobbles and rust of course.

002christmas centerpiece

2012 Christmas Centerpeice Rusty Bell

the occasional quirk is fun for the tree

022tea cup tree ornament

like teacups, antique flour sifters, water spigots and even pearls if you want

that’s what makes it personal and unique.


I guess that is why my home looks like it does…

I must already be living my dream!



“Merry Christmas”



Birds are the most amazing little home builders. Their little nests may be simple in that they are constructed with twigs, grass, hair, mud and even dryer lint. But they are architectural masterpieces that can withstand wind, rain and most anything nature can throw at them.

Sometimes they are damaged or blown down, but very few if you were to go by the community of bird homes nested in the trees in our yard. Some of the nests have been there for years and every year a new family of birds moves in, lay their eggs, hatch, feed and then fly away.



Another thing birds are really great at is recycling. Just think of all the materials used to build their nests, most if not all of it is from nature or discarded by humans.  Our industrious feathered friends are more than happy to take what we cast off and use it to build there perfect little homes.

After finding this lovely little nest in our crepe myrtle right outside our garage I was inspired to create a nest of my own of sorts.  You see, I have all these wonderful wire baskets and I don’t always have the moss or coconut liner needed to hold all the dirt in, and without it all the dirt falls out.

BirdsNest Empty Container

Because I don’t like to look at all the dead leaves laying at the base of the day lilies so I’m always picking up and discarding the dried up scapes and leaves.  After seeing that nest it occurred to me that instead of putting all this in the compost pile, maybe it can be put to a better use…right?


BirdsNest planter grass

So I grabbed my favorite rust covered wire basket, built a birds nest in it then filled that nest with some nice fertile soil…

BirdsNest Planter prep

then planted a couple of ferns it…

BirdsNest Container

and there you have it!

BirdsNest Container full view

a perfect little nest for my ferns!  I’m off to make more bird nests in a few more baskets.

Oh and the sweet little nest I shared at the top of this post is being well tended these days by the sweetest little mama bird.

BirdsNest mama




Hello, my name is Cindi and I am a rice.a.holic.  I love white, brown, wild, steamed, fried, Spanish, Saffron, dirty, pudding and as you will see, even leftover rice.  I love it all!

When I was a kid, my dad would save any leftover rice from dinner and have it for breakfast the next morning. I couldn’t tell you what he would put on it other that milk, probably some sugar, but other than that I don’t know.

I remember thinking during those times, what an odd thing to eat. I never tried it and I don’t recall him offering to share. If he’s like me, it was HIS leftover rice and he wanted it all to himself to enjoy the next morning.

Well fast forward 50 years…now I’m the one squirreling away any left over rice, so I can have it for my breakfast the next day. Unlike my dad’s, mine is a little more fancy. Well gosh, I mean after all, we now have microwave ovens and it only takes a few minutes to whip up this warm and yummy breakfast dish.

Breakfast Sweet Rice

Actually it’s so good, it almost feels like I’m eating dessert for breakfast.   I’m sure this isn’t a new thing.  People have probably been doing this since forever.  But you really don’t see or hear of many people just “loving” this so much that they share it all over social media, let alone blog about it.

But it’s seems like it should be classified as a rustic dish…rice has been around forever right?  And as you will see it’s a pretty hardy dish.  Those two things qualify this as a Rustique recipe, therefore it will be from this day forward.

Now as with most of my recipes, there is no measuring so I’ll share with you what I put in this recipe, but measuring is out the window.  In my kitchen it’s all about the pinch and dash, a little and some…I imagine your kitchen is like that too.

Maple Cinnamon Sweet Rice

Cold White Rice (any amount, the more the better and left over is preferred)
Butter (as much or as little as you want)
Almond Milk
Maple Syrup
Vanilla Extract
pinch of salt (optional)

Place any amount of cold white rice in a bowl, add desired amount of butter and about 1 tsp of vanilla. Place in microwave about 2 minutes, long enough for butter to melt and rice to soften. Add a desired amount of Almond Milk or any type of milk you prefer, add maple syrup again the amount is your preference, if you love sweet then dump it in, if not then drizzle, add a pinch of salt if desired, and sprinkle with cinnamon, stir and eat.

That’s it…sweet and simple, just like breakfast should be.

Breakfast Sweet Rice textbanner

Want to know what other leftover food I love for breakfast?  Cold Pizza is my all time fave!

What are your favorite breakfast foods?

peace. love. rust.



It’s an awesome feeling when you have sewn in that last piece of yarn and you’ve finished that long term project.

Crocheted Granny Ripple Afghan

After completing a number of crochet projects last year, Riley asked if I would make an afghan for her.  I agreed, however I gave her the assignment of choosing her colors and buying the yarn.

Her first choice of yarn color was not my cup of tea, but she was set on her choice of a pale mint and red combo.  Like I said, not my idea of pretty so I was reeeaaallly happy when when changed her mind….whew!

Her selection of pine, cream, teal and brown was definitely more to my liking and I loved that a father’s day card, that she had given to her daddy a few years ago, was her inspiration for her colors.

color inspiration for Afghan

My mister is very sentimental and saves pretty much every card he receives.  This one stayed on his nightstand for a couple of years only to be moved when I dusted, which in truth isn’t very often, but every now and then.  Now that the afghan is finished, I will put it back.

I posted this pick on Instagram last August only four rows and the first color change into the project.  You can already see the shape of the ripple.  This for some reason was very exciting for me.  I guess it doesn’t take a lot to get me excited, uh?

crochet granny ripple afghan

A week later I posted this pic after I had completed the first two of four color sequences.  At this point I was about 22 rows into the project and I found a mistake.  So about 10 rows had to come out.  This happens a lot for me.

first sequence

I know sometimes little things can be overlooked, but this mistake was a whopper and it would have messed up the whole design.  So pulling out stitches and sometimes starting over is just part of the process.  Plus I am just a little bit of a perfectionist, and it really would have driven me nuts to know there was a mistake and I didn’t fix it.

After that one mishap everything went great from there.  And then came the holidays…those can through a kink into your projects can’t they?

This Granny Ripple design was really easy to learn and it was a very enjoyable project.  I look forward to starting another one for my oldest daughter in the next few days.  I found this design on Pinterst and because the pic was pinned correctly (yay for the person who pinned it, you’re awesome) I was able to find the tutorial and start working the project.

In hindsight…no regrets but the one thing I would have done differently is the width.  You  can make an afghan as long as you want, but the width has to be set with the beginning chain.

crocheted granny ripple afghan

It’s about the width of a twin bed and it is really long.  She wanted it to cover her from head to toe.  I made it about 7′ in length.  So it more than covers her.  But I will probably make the next afghan a little wider.

In the photo below you can see the color repeat for this design.  Again this is something Riley had decided on.  She told me how she wanted the colors to change and the pattern for the repeat.   This photo shows the colors nicely due to the natural light in the room that day.

crocheted granny ripple afghan

Riley is very happy with her afghan and I’m thrilled she loves it.

Crocheted Granny Ripple Afghan

She has is stored away for her future home with her future hubby.


Big news….Riley is engaged!

We are thrilled for her and we love our future son in law.

He’s pretty terrific and he treats her like a precious gift.

Justin and Riley

Can you guess what I’ll be busy with in 2015?

peace. love. rust.


Online Crochet Class


DIY Sisal Umbrella StandThis is how this project ended up.

A pretty close picture of what I imagined it would look like.

Here is what it looked like before a zillion sticks of hot glue and yards of rope.

Glass Cylinder Vase crop

Can you believe this glass container was brought home from a curbside trash pile and survived in my garage for three years without getting broken!  No kidding…we stored baseballs and baseball bats in it.  The fact that this escaped injury for that long in my possession is a miracle in itself.  I had a plan for it from the very beginning, but as many of my plans do, it changed several times.  So I’m really glad it lasted until I could make up my mind then get myself motivated to bring my plan to fruition.

Once the motivation kicked in, it felt like a race to get the supplies bought and get this thing cleaned up and completed before an accident claimed it.  Wouldn’t that just be my luck to have everything ready to go and I break it?

Oh don’t think I didn’t have a few nightmares over this project.  When I brought it in the house to wash it, I envisioned me dropping it, or banging it against the sink while washing it up.  It kind of made me crazy just thinking about it.  But it finally made its way to the table unscathed.  And then it sat there for a few more days.

Pushing my luck has never been something I enjoy doing.  I’m not much of a gambler, so I figured the longer I put this off, odds were an accident would occur and that would be the end of a really great DIY project.

I finally got to Home Depot and found the rope I wanted to use then I needed to figure out what type of adhesive would work best.  I researched and thought I’d found just the right product. But no…while E6000 was recommended, it was not.  Well it might have if I had the patience to deal with it. Took too long to dry and it has a noxious  odor, which I knew from other projects.  Turns out, I didn’t need to get all fancy about it, hot glue did the trick just fine.  And from the amount of glue I used, this was a very good turn of events.


As far as rope goes…who knew there were so many choices?  I love texture in our decor, especially the natural colors of texture.  I would even love to have a sisal rug someday.  But I’m afraid it wouldn’t hold up to well in our home.  So I really try to bring in those elements with other things, like the mop rope pillow I crocheted, or the wicker lamp shade I found in an antique shop and refashioned for an old lamp.

For this project I wanted a really nice bold chunky texture so I went with a 3/8″ Manilla rope from Everbilt.

Everbuilt Rope

FYI…this stuff will leave nice little splinters in your fingers.  Probably should recommend you wear gloves when playing with it.  For sure if you let your kiddos use it for projects.

I bought three coils figuring if I didn’t use it all I could always return the extra.

Well I didn’t use all three but I didn’t return the leftover either.  I was so happy with the outcome of this project, a million more began flooding my little brain.

Sisal Umbrella Stand crop

So readers beware!  I have more posts coming with some really fun and easy home decor projects.

This was a really easy project and it didn’t take too long to complete either.  But like I said, the splinters were an issue as was the hot glue getting on my fingers because your using your fingers to push the ropes together as you are wrapping.

Now my entry has a very functional and awesomely textured umbrella stand and I love it!

DIY Sisal Umbrella Stand

peace. love. rust

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