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You Had Me At “Discount”

Add to that…




I’m in hog heaven…okay maybe hog isn’t the best term to use.  Let’s just say that I am “junk jubilant”!

First of all it’s warming up in North Texas…Yay!  With that comes fun in the sun at the next flea market or yard sale.  It is the time of year for people to spring clean which means more for us junk yard dogs to dig through.   But oh the joys of finding something you can smuggle bring home, clean it up, strip it down or paint.

A few years ago while roaming through my favorite salvage warehouse, I found a sweet little crystal chandelier.  Forget the fact that it was covered in layers of mud and other gross things.  It was mine!  and I proudly marched up to the front slapped down my cash and walked away feeling giddy.  When I brought it home my husband said; “why?”

Guess what I said….

I took it completely apart…washed and dried each crystal…all 52 + pieces.

Rewired it…yes, I can do that!

Put it back together and hung in the most appropriate place in my house…over the kitchen sink.   I figure if I have to cook and clean, I might as well feel like a princess while doing it.

I was only disappointed when I put the bulb in and flipped the switch…oh, it worked…but it just about blinded me.   So, I lowered the wattage and used the iridescent flame bulbs ((love those)) and viola!



So…if you live in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, would you like me to share with you one of my secret haunts?

Here it is:

Discount Home Warehouse

1758 Empire Central

Dallas, TX 75232


9-5 mon-sat

What other awesome treasures might you find….


massive mantels


tin ceiling pieces

doors…shutters…and even the kitchen sink!

The list is endless.  Let’s just say, a true junkaholic will not be disappointed!

To find a salvage warehouse in your area try doing Google searches with the key words “architectural salvage yards”.  I found one in many of the major cities…you know what that means?   Road trip!!!!


  • Autumn Beck

    I love that I can blame you when I buy old junk 🙂

    • Jen

      Thank you so much for shopping at Discount Home Warehouse! Your chandlier is gorgeous and yes, you should feel like a princess while washing dishes!

      Hope to see you again soon!

      Discount Home Warehouse

  • Cindi Albright

    Yes you can and I can blame it on my mom. But what a great legacy to past down to your children 🙂

  • Cathy

    That is the coolest light fixture I’ve ever seen! Score!!!

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