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Owling? you gotta be kidding me!

You’ve heard about the newest craze?  Owling…really?

Well it’s new for now.  “Who” knows tomorrow it will probably be something else.  I heard about this on the radio the other morning and I couldn’t help but laugh at the visual in my mind.

I really can’t  relate to this new phenomenon probably because I don’t think that I could get into that position and get back up much less take a pic and plaster it on facebook.

but if ya dare me,  i might.


Owling Rustique

and I just can’t help but wonder “who” comes up with these crazy ideas?

where do they work and how come they have more free time than I do?

do they get paid to think of these ideas?  if so someone ought to inform them that this isn’t really new.  this thing called “owling”; sitting in the posture of an owl in very obscure places. interesting to look at, but not so new.

for one thing, baseball catchers have been doing it since 1857 I do believe.

what do ya think? owling?

no…that’s squatting.

what about babies?  they’ve always had the ability to sit in that strange position.

have you tried to imitate that lately?

a baby…owling?

no baby here. just Haven in a very natural position

for him and owls that is 🙂

so what about our furry children?


maybe howling, but not owling.

this is just Rudy sitting there showing off his big belly.

hmmm…you know the more I think about it

why shouldn’t I join the fun

maybe I can get Mr. Rustique to join me too!

why not try

what do I have to lose

at least I could say I tried

it can’t be that hard…right?


but you have to promise not to laugh

I mean after all it took a lot of guts to do this


oh….and you have to promise not to go blab about it to all your friends

and if I do this, I think you should have to try it too



here I go…


ha! gotcha…

you didn’t really think I would did ya?

this is Mo & Jo they watch over my garden

they’re owls…

they’re just sitt’n on a fence post doing nothing

oh!….i get it.


just had  a funny thought, if you squat when you’re bowling is that b-Owling?

or squat while your drying off, are you t-Owling?

what if you squat when you’re mad… sc-Owling.

this is fun!

I could go on but I’d probably get into trouble 🙂  so I’ll stop while I’m ahead



  • Amanda

    How comes I never hear of these things! Owling? Some people really have too much time! My boys sit like that all the time, they appear to be doing nothing, but I know they are plotting their next naughty episode!

  • Savannah Granny

    Never heard if owling before now. So cute but I am too old to ever get into that position. I will have to leave that to the young ones.
    I am a new follower. Please come to visit me.

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