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We’re Feel’n Scrappy!

A few months ago I was introduced to a wonderful person through one of my Etsy team forums.  She has a shop on Etsy called AMKreations.   I have met so many wonderful women through Etsy.

Note: It was after I began this post that I realize that Anita has taken some time off from her shop for an unspecified amount of time.  The links I have provided are to her blog.

Now… I know there are those that say that you can’t really know a person by just writing back and forth with them via computer.  I disagree, although I would not go so far as to say that internet dating is reasonable (oops…I just stepped on toes) being active in a conversation over certain topics and sharing some of the same values does indeed form a relationship.  This particular Etsy team that I am a member of and where I met Anita, is through the CAC Team better known as “Christian Artists & Crafters Team”.   Many friendships have been made through this team and I for one am thankful to know that in a moments notice I can have up to 50 or more fellow artists, crafters, etsy shop owners, spirit filled Christians team members, answer a business question for wise council, pray for my family about any drama or illness that might occur or just be there to encourage one another.  How awesome is that?  It’s very awesome and I for one feel extremely blessed as I am a member of not one, but two Christian artist teams on Etsy, the other being CAST, which stands for Christian Artists Street Team.  There are several of us that are on both teams but then there are those that choose one and stick with it.  So I am doubly blessed and I’m pretty sure that all of team members would agree with me.

Sorry I get sidetracked from time to time…back to the story….

Lets see…oh yes, AMKreations…from time to time we will frequent each others Etsy shops for various reasons, I don’t know, it could be she was the “featured seller” that day.  No wait…I remember now, she posted something about wanting to get rid of some cotton yarn (that got my attention)  Apparently she was no longer going to use it and was letting us know in case anyone was wanting to buy “a whole box of yarn” ….ME!!!  I snatched that up before she hit the enter button. (slight exaggeration)   To make a really long story a wee bit shorter, she told me she had some scrap material too.  Would I be interested in it.

Okay let me list my problem areas in the order, they are listed first to last with first being the biggest problem:

My extreme need to buy beads…..I’m a beadaholic 🙁
My strange desire to buy cotton yarn and make squares, as my DS would say
My over indulgent need to keep scrap material, so why would I need anyone elses?  Why not?

Are you feeling sorry for my husband yet?

Winding down…. getting to the highlight of this post…”Scraps”…Anita mailed my box…and oh… the wonderful treasures that lay beneath the tape and cardboard.  I just knew they would be grand….I was not disappointed….it was a drool fest.

Well unbeknownst to me…my daughter, Riley…shares my addiction love for material.  She was picking through my treasure before I got the chance to, and then so sweetly asked…. “can I make something?”

Yeeeeeah…remember when you were three and every word out of your mouth was “MINE” !!!  Yes well I don’t have to remember because I still have that little three year old inside of me.  But being the mature adult that I am…*gulp* I said…okay.

I must have blinked because in a instant she was gone….with my scraps….already sitting at the table with the sewing machine threaded and ready to go.  She’s got gumption….she sat there for hours creating, matching, sewing and then….she was done.


this is what she made…
{one side}

{other side}

All I could say was…..WOW!

Would you say we might have another budding Etsy artist in the family?  🙂  I was so proud of her!

Would you love to see some of my fellow team member shops? I knew you would! …visit http://www.etsy.com at the top of the page you’ll see the search box.  Using the pulled down menu, select the “All Items” option then type in “teamcac” and or “castteam” and get ready for some amazing creations….no….divine creations!

How scrappy are you?

a) save for another project.
b) hoard away, you don’t have any specific use..you just want the all to yourself.
c) just toss them out with the trash.
d) save and sell on Etsy for die hard scrappys like me.

I want to see what you’ve created with your scraps…send me pictures.


  • AMKreations

    Awe! She's amazing! What a great bag…and I have some more scraps to send her way…this time I'll address them to her, so Mom won't feel as though she were being robbed. =)

    I can't throw anything away when I feel it is workable…I know that someone will use it. I gave away an entire bag of scraps this past Friday at a yard sale, but save the designer fabrics in an envelope for your daughter.

    I love Team CAC and the Lord has blessed me abundantly through so many special friends there, including you! It's so true that we can get advise, prayers and encouragement along the way. What a privilege to be a part of the "Family of God!"

    God richly bless you!!!

  • Renee

    We have a great team! I have some of Anita's scraps also and I was just using them today to make birds and birdhouses. Your daughter made a great bag! I love seeing what our kids create!
    Bloomfield Beads

  • PACountry

    Anita is so awesome!!! 🙂 And I love this team! Your daughter is very talented, too! Tell her I said she made an AWESOME bag! 🙂

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