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Handcrafted out of Texas Barbed Wire this 9″ or 13″ cross will look stunning in your home, patio or garden area.

Rustique Art Barbed Wire Wall Crosses can be displayed outside and will withstand the elements of any season. The exposure to rain and sun will age your cross giving it a more “Rustique” look.

Each cross has a hanging loop so that your cross is ready to
display as soon as you receive it.

Remember, this is real Barbed Wire…I recommend wearing gloves when handling.



Handcrafted out of wire, a Rustique Art Beaded Wire Wall Cross can be made to order to match your decor.
Each cross has a hanging loop so that your cross is ready to display as soon as you receive it.



Painted and distressed wire wall crosses are perfect for any Victorian, Shabby Chic, Rustic or Beach decor.

Beautiful in baby’s room too.


  • Sandy Cutshall

    I’m interest in one of your beaded wire wall crosses.
    I was checking on the price of a 6″ wall cross.
    I really like the one you have on your homepage. Perfect colors!
    Also do you make matching 6″ beaded wire wreaths?
    Sandy Cutshall

    • Cindi Albright


      Thank you for your interest in the Beaded Crosses…a 6″ Beaded Wire Cross is $65 and up. Usually it will always be $65 but I have to add the “and up” in case I have to special order components I don’t have in stock.

      I do not duplicate my designs as typically they are all custom orders made for other clients and it is very hard to duplicate. I can however keep within the same color range and if I have some of the same beads or trinkets I can add them, but your cross will be made uniquely for you.

      As for matching wreaths, I have not made those before…Not closing that door but I will need some time to play around with a design, that would have to wait until after Christmas thought as my schedule is booked with cross orders to get out before Christmas, that doesn’t leave much time for creating a new product. I would be happy to revisit that idea in January though if you are still interested.

      Let me know if I can assist you with ordering a beaded cross.

  • Lucy

    these are absolutely stunning! I’m loving the beaded wire ones…just gorgeous

  • Jill Langenhoven

    I am so thrilled to find you! I would love to order from you on a monthly basis!

    Please respond to my mail, and let me know how to do this?

    Kind regards

  • Dana

    Hello, I LOVE-LOVE your crosses..the barbed wire ANd the beaded. I have been looking for something for my little boy’s nursery. I am interested in having a beaded one made to coordinate with my nursery. I looked on your site on etsy and didn’t see a “special order” custom one to select and then make my requests to you. How do I go about ordering a custom beaded cross?? THanks so much, your work really is amazing:) Dana

  • Cecile Law

    I am looking for a cross with on different shades of pink and whit bead, with my grand daughter’s name on a oval pearl looking name plate in the middle of the cross. Can you make one for me and if so what would be the cost for this item. She past away a month ago at the age of 2 years old and I would love for my daughter to have this gift from me. Thanking you in advances for your time and service. God bless you and your hands.

  • Grace McDaniel

    I like the 9 by 13 wall barbed wire cross, please let me know the price Thank you Grace McDaniel
    Please reply

  • Grace McDaniel

    I love the beautiful 9by13 barbed wire cross it is exactly what I am looking for .

    Can you please reply and let me know how to order it. Thanks

  • monica

    Can you please tell me how I can order one of your cross

    • Cindi Albright


      There are two ways to order my crosses. You can go to my Etsy shop: and select a cross design that is already made and ready to ship. Or you can request a custom order via this email.

      Pricing for a custom order can be found here:

      Please allow 2-3 weeks for completion of custom orders. In most cases your order is done before this time, however all orders are processed in the order they are received therefore completion dates will vary.

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