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visual aid

I’m on the fence.   I need help so I’m pitching this one out to you.

Here’s your chance to speak.  Have your say. Lay it out there.

Indecision.  A terrible place to visit.

It’s usually not a big deal for me.  Just jump in with both feet and don’t look back…right?

You know those words are so easy to say, easier to type, not so easy to live by.

Here’s is the reason.

My cedar chest.  Forget about the junk on top.  Right now this chest is sitting in my entry. Right now it’s the only place I can put it. I don’t like it. It’s scratched, outdated and an eyesore.  But it’s full of treasures and keepsakes. So I need it.  I want to keep it because my wonderful mister bought it for me years ago.  It’s solid and dependable. But it’s ugly.


I want to paint it.  and I want to paint a plate shelf with pegs and hang up on the wall.  and I want to suspend my antique mirror from the middle peg, it has a chain. and I want to remove my light and paint it and rehang.


I want to paint it all in black.  I think.  Trying to visualize all of this is driving me nuts.  So I tried to see if I could trick myself with a visual aid.

I went over to picnik and played around with some shapes and colors.

This was the result.

The scale is way off of course. and the shelf and plates look like an 80’s bathroom vanity light bar.  and my attempt to see the “light” (hahaha) in a black finish came out looking like a carnival tent.  But maybe you see more than I do.

Forget about the white square…if you can, it’s just there to hid the rattan bookshelf that needed a place to sit for a moment and the Riley unload boxes of Christmas and some of it migrated for a day.

So can you see it?  Can you visualize the chest painted in a rich black finish and lightly distressed?  Maybe so typography on the front…Can you see it?

I’m listening.

Oh! and here’s a look at my wall, one of them.  As it is today.  Crown molding to follow in January…I hope.

Ok.  Let’s hear what you have to say.


  • Linda

    I can also “see” a layer of gray under the black and then distressing the black for the gray to show through and pewter or nickel hardware.

  • Jill @ Junky Vagabond

    Oh yes, black would be stunning! One word of caution from a lazy soul…black requires more dusting than other colors. So if you’re ok with that, I say go for it. It’s only paint, right?
    Jill @ Junky Vagabond recently posted..More Spice Rack Luv

  • Charry

    Funny because I, too, have an eyesore hope chest I’m reprinting. I’ve already bought the AS black paint for the task. I just haven’t had the time yet with the holidays. My chest was built by my grandpa. Beautiful, strong craftsmanship. Not even damaged. But he painted it with strokes of black and “dirty” yellow. Just not attractive. I can’t wait to get to it. The race is on between the new black chests!

  • Teri

    I agree with Linda. A bit of layering for depth. That would be sweet!

  • Tammy

    Cindi… Love the ideas! Black is so “in” and I think the trunk will be GREAT painted black. I myself, have been putting sealer over black for a nice finish. I used to just use a satin paint. As far as the light….if it’s a silvertone rather than black, it will be updated without competing with the black in the trunk. It would let your shelf and trunk be the feature ! Good luck and can’t wait to see the finished space 🙂
    Tammy recently posted..Christmas trees!

  • Lois

    I like Linda’s idea. You like the galvanized look so why don’t you do the light that way and if the “pewter” comes through on the chest, the light will tie it in.

  • Kim

    Yes, I say go for it, but I would definitely do another color under it or two for layers of color showing when you distress. I highly recommend chalk paint. It will not take as long and distresses so easily!
    Kim recently posted..Blue Rustic Christmas

  • Diane @ home sweet homemade

    I think you’re on the right track with a dark finish. Plus, it’s only paint. You can change it at some point in the future as your preferences shift. And the umbrella and hat rack is a perfect companion along with your pretty mirror. You have a brilliant sense of style Cindi.
    Diane @ home sweet homemade recently posted..3 kids and a camera

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