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vintage. salvage. rust…Oh my!

During our recent trip to the Discount Home Warehouse, the trip when we first spotted the mantle we bought for our bedroom, I mentioned that had not left the store empty handed. I seldom do, there is always something that wants to come home with me. Like these little treasures. I found them in a box, down on a bottom self, bunches of rustic junk 🙂 I had to pinch myself, I thought I was dreaming.

As I pulled them out and sat them up on a cabinet, the mister asked; “what are you going to do with them?”

Something, I replied.

I always have  a plan.

I adore the arches, love the rust and I am delighted with the awesome chippy paint on this white one. Can you believe that when I was paying for my treasures the owner asked if I was going to remove the paint. The look on my face had to be worth a million bucks. I wanted to ask him if he was crazy, but I just smiled and said nope, gonna leave them just as they are.

I can wait to get them nestled in their little nooks somewhere in my home. Maybe find an old photo to place in one. I can see one as maybe a business card holder. Maybe another could hold a recipe card for me while I baked something delish.

And then maybe they can just look pretty without doing anything useful. That’s the beauty of finding vintage architectural elements, they just look good without any help from me.

So what do ya think?

Do you see what I see when looking a rusty junk?

What suggestions do you have for my little rusty hinges?   Tell me what you would do with them if you found some just like these.

peace. love. rust.


  • Jill @ Junky Vagabond

    Love this idea – I always go for the rusty hardware in the garage at sales while everyone else is looking at the (expensive) stuff in the front room 🙂

    • Cindi Albright

      Let’s just keep that our secret okay Jill…we wouldn’t want others finding all the good junk first! 🙂

  • Linda Slaughter

    I like the paired up idea – one a holder and one just sitting there looking pretty! You are a wonder! I have an old rusty lock my hubby dug up with his metal detector. It is really, really old and really, really rusty and I just love it just sitting on a shelf. 🙂

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