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Pears poster
One of the best things about summer is the abundance of fresh fruit.

Fresh pears are a favorite in our family. Not only are they beautiful in my fruit bowl, they are sweet and delicious.

Everyone seems to have their favorite kind. My husband loves the Red Bartlett, our son loves the Bosc, but I love them all.

I prefer mine cold, cut in half, cored and sliced.

I also think that I would love them in a cobbler or a pie…in the fall that is, but for summer I love to toss them in salads.

About 25 years ago I was served canned pear halves topped with two other ingredients.  I’ll be honest,  I didn’t want to eat it but I was a guest and my mother always told me to at least try what I was served when I was a guest in someone’s home.



I tried. I loved.

This strange recipe became a family favorite, but I haven’t prepared it in awhile because I don’t buy a lot of canned fruit anymore.


this weekend while preparing dinner, I had a craving for this salad and all I had was fresh pears

so I revisited this unusual pear salad recipe with a fresh twist.

Pear Salad recipe edited

It’s a very simple and quick salad to prepare with only three ingredients

Pears, Mayo and Sharp Cheddar Cheese…that’s it.

I washed, cut, cored and cubed two fresh Green Anjou pears

added 1/2 shredded cheese and 1/4 mayo

stir. chill. serve

you can even sprinkle some cheese on top for garnish


Summer Pear Salad

Now before you wrinkle up your nose and say “eewww”, you have to try it at least once just to say you did

the original version is to drain a large can of pear halves

arrange on a plate, top each pear half with a dollop of mayo, then top with shredded cheddar cheese

Hope you enjoy it.



With the flowers in full bloom, the bees are busy gathering pollen in my backyard.

So busy they are, gathering so much pollen they look like me running in the store determined to only buy a “few things” so I forgo the cart.

In theory, I only get what I can carry that way I won’t spend so much.

Bee Gathering Pollen

I figure if I have a cart I’ll just buy more.

My theory works pretty well….

Bee Gathering Pollen

that is until I see something I think I need and then I pile it on top.

And then it’s a matter of sheer strength and agility to get to the checkout line without dropping something.

Bee Gathering Pollen

They seem so happy buzzing around from one flower to the next.

Happier than I am when shopping!

I’m so thankful for these little workers, they sure make our world a wonderful place.



What inspires you?

Several things come to mind when I get asked this question.  I am often inspired simply by the desire to make something for someone I love.  Other times I become inspired when I find something in my home that is worn out and needs to be tossed, yet there still seems to have life in it.

Know what I mean?

Like these socks, they were my faves, my go to socks for jeans and clogs.  I loved them.  They were soft, cozy and neutral.  Three very important requirements to be in my wardrobe.   But as you can see in the photo below, they were well past there prime.  I have a hard time letting go of things I love.  So these socks remained in my drawer, taking up room, yet every time I saw them, I hesitated to throw them out.

Does this make me a hoarder?

Upcycle Worn Socks.1

I just knew there was a reason to keep them.

Back in December I was planning a trip to California to see my daughter, son in law and my six grand babies. Whenever I visit, I like to have little gifts to hand out when I get there. Nothing fancy, just small things I’ve picked up over time or even little things around the house.
With two grand daughters who like to wear boots, I remembered those socks and then an idea begin to take shape.

Wouldn’t they make cute boot cuffs?

I dug them out of my drawer and grabbed my shears.

A couple of snips, a few stitches and some buttons, I had two pair of handmade boot cuffs to give to my girls.

Handmade Boot Cuffs

I gave the tan pair to the older grand daughter because they were bigger.

These were so simple.

I just cut the socks right above the heal. Then I rolled up the raw edge just a bit and sewed a finishing stitch with my sewing machine to keep them from raveling.

I also kept the rolled edge on the outside so the seam wouldn’t irritate the leg.

Handmade Boot Cuffs
And I gave the gray pair to the younger grand daughter.

Since these socks were crew socks they wouldn’t have fit my legs but they worked out great for an 11 year old and a 7 year old.

This isn’t the first time I’ve up-cycled for my granddaughter.

We put our heads together and designed a darling skirt for her.  You can read more about that HERE

UpCycled Boot Cuffs

So…. I’ve taught myself how to knit and I knitted (or is that;  I have knit) a pair of boot cuffs for my daughter.  Not as easy as the worn out socks.  There were a lot of late nights, dropped stitches, unravel and begin again days.  But I finally got them done!

I can only show you a teaser pic because I wanted to surprise her.  I mean, she knows they are on the way, but she doesn’t know what they look like.

but here is just a peek…

Hand Knit Boot Cuffs

When hers arrive, then I can show you the rest of the pic.

Maybe she’ll even model them for us!

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Sorry, this isn’t a review of the movie, but the last four days we’ve kinda felt like we were living in the movie.

Last Thursday the rain began, then came the cold front, then came the sleet, then the subfreezing temps. We woke up the next morning and found that we were wrapped in a frozen cocoon and with a forecast of more sleet and temperatures staying below freezing for the next four days.

It is December and this might not seem strange for this time of year, however we live in Texas. Oh! and did I mention that the day before it was a sunny, beautiful and 80 degrees.

Believe it or not, I was happy as a clam and since we had plenty of warning this weather was on the way, I  had planned ahead and prepared all my orders for shipping, then I loaded the orders and some other items in the truck early Thursday morning. Then I spent the day with my sweet little grand daughter, we had a fabulous time playing games, coloring and crafting. By the time I left her house, ice had covered my truck and the sleet had started, but the ground was so warm from the day before, I knew I had time to get my errands done which included a  stop at the UPS store to pick up some work mail from the PO Box and ship my orders, then I dropped off some Christmas gifts for donation and had a wonderful chit-chat with a precious friend.  By 5 pm the sleet was coming down really fast, I had just enough time to get home, get dinner and a fire started, then wait for our little corner of the world to freeze.

But we had no idea what we would wake up too this…

just listen

can you hear the sleet?   it continued like that until after noon.

I never realized ice could  be so pretty

Here are some photos from our backyard.

Vintage Lantern

Jim drives for FedEx and he was told to keep calling in until they finally called it and shut down for the day because the roads were so bad. Even though the planes were landing, they couldn’t get crews in to unload the planes and get the packages to the stations for the drivers to deliver. So we spent all day Friday sitting by the fire. I moved my laptop into the den and set up to work in front of the fire all day while Jim read, watched Lord of the Rings, made pop corn and kept the fire supplied with logs.

We did venture out for dog food on Saturday and then met some friends for coffee at a local coffee house.

This fountain is located in front of the coffee shop

I wish that shot this in video so you could hear that the fountain was running.  The water was coming out of the top and running down, you could hear is bubbling.  It was awesome.

On our way home we saw kids ice skating in a school parking lot, they were playing hockey.


you just don’t see that everyday.

I did get a photo of our Mr. Frosty in the front yard

Looks like he belongs there this year.

We had a loooong weekend.

It was pretty fun to spend four days with my sweet hubby with no where to go and nothing that had to be done.

It was so relaxing.

Saturday night we found our favorite pizza place open and had some warm Italian food, then ended up over at some friends house for a couple rounds of Spades.

Today the ice is melting enough for people to go back to work.

Trucks are able to deliver food and gas, businesses are opening back up after being closed for 2 to 3 days at the height of the Christmas season!  Yikes!!

Life is getting back to normal in Texas

Hard to believe that in about 8 months we’ll be melting with temps over 100.  I can’t help but think that we might miss this mess in August.


I am one blessed lady because I have the best of both worlds right about 3 miles from my drive way.

For real!  We have a Home Depot on the south side of the road and just across the street on the north side of the same road, is Lowes!

And you can bet that if I can’t find something at one place, I will drive over to the other and probably find what I need.

So here’s how this story goes….

I had a vision of what I wanted our front porch to look like this Christmas.  I was real pretty in my head.

Now to find what I’ve dreamed up and make it real.

First I wanted two iron urns with tall evergreens on each side of the door.


Well, the iron urns I’ve found at the salvage barn were too high, the one pictured above is exactly what I wanted, but even those are more than I was wanting to pay.  Then I thought about urns made out of cement, but I couldn’t find them locally.

Then I found some really nice box type planters painted dark brown at Lowes, the price was lower but still way more than I wanted to pay.

While at Lowes I thought I would go ahead and find the greenery I wanted for each container.  I wanted something tall and slender, an evergreen so we could plant them in the yard after the holidays.

But Lowes’ garden center didn’t have any bushes or shrubs, only Christmas trees.

I was a little bummed.

I was also on the hunt for four wreaths for the four windows across the front of our house.  You would think this would be easy to find considering it is almost Christmas.  But all the wreaths I found at Lowes had lights on them.   I didn’t want wreaths that lit up, just plain.

But before you think I left Lowes empty handed, think again.

I did find a rug for my front porch!

It was just what I was looking for!  You can find one for your porch HERE

Fast forward two days…

My new rug looked wonderful but I was still missing the items I was wanting for each side of my front door.

My vision had changed a bit, time and roadblocks will do that, but now I was sure I would find what I wanted and hopefully it would be affordable.

It was time to head to Home Depot

After stocking up on more plate hangers, I spotted a display of wreaths and they were just what I wanted, in the cart they go, four wreaths with big red bows and no lights.

Next it was out to the garden area to find two containers for my tall evergreens that I had yet to find

there they were!  the all purpose galvanized buckets

and will you look at that price!

Of course you could find these at Lowes too, but I already knew there weren’t any shrubs to be found over there or wreaths and I was already at Home Depot so this is where I picked up two galvanized buckets.

Quite a stretch from rusty iron urns to galvanized buckets…uh? I’m not really digging the shiny but I know that won’t last forever

Like I said, visions and ideas change.

Sometimes you have to be flexible with ideas or else nothing would ever get done.

You would forever be in a holding pattern and never land the plane.

Next was finding the evergreen shrubs,  there were a lot of evergreens but I wanted tall and slender

I found two I could live with and tossed them into the cart,

it was time to get out of there before I found something else to buy.

I loved snapping this photo and sending it to hubby in a text that said “score“!

okay, now to land the plane…

Once I got them home, I realized the wreaths didn’t rock my world , so I took three back and hung one on Riley’s apartment door as a surprise.

She loved it!

My buckets and evergreens look nice and I’m happy with the results even though it wasn’t my original vision

I still have some fluffing to do, like hide some cords, add some bows, fix my sad excuse for a wreath and then I’ll call it good

it looks really nice at night

and the best part is next year the buckets will have nice patina and look like this

by the way…

I still want my rusty iron urns, maybe I’ll get them someday

and then again, someday I might not want them anymore, so for now my shiny galvanized buckets will do.

I spent $75.84 total and all of the items I bought will be used after Christmas, the rug will be stored to use again next year and the Arborvitae will be planted in the Spring.

Two galvanized buckets @ 9.88 = $19.76   (Home Depot)

Two Live Arborvitae @ 8.98 =  $17.96 (Home Depot)

One Indoor/Outdoor rug $28.14 (Lowes)

Wreath for Riley’s Door $ 9.98 (Home Depot)

Merry Christmas

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December Already?

23 days until Christmas! Wow, when you type the words it really makes the month seem very short.

To make it seem even shorter, I’ve decided to fly to California for a week to see these six little angels

[photo by Autumn Beck]

The added perk is that I will get to enjoy their parents too.


Today is our anniversary!  WooHoo!

I’ve been married to this wonderful man for 29 years.  He deserves a medal.


Today is also Cyber Monday, did you shop online all day?

My Monday morning began at 3am. Not because I wanted to shop.  I couldn’t sleep, so I got up and walked around the house, snuggled with Rudy (he wasn’t amused) and then turned on the television.

So much goes on while we sleep…who knew? and do I really want to know?

Can you believe it? Last week it was so cold here in North Texas and there were threats of freezing rain, but today I have the windows open. It’s supposed to be a beautiful day, sunny and mild.  At the end of the week we will be freezing again.  Such is the weather in Texas.  It’s crazy, but I love it.

About two weeks ago I was blessed with this view

Now it’s completely empty.

It was so pretty to look at every day.  I can see it from my office window.  Out that same window I watched a squirrel bury an acorn this morning, he was so close I could have reached out the window and touched him.  Those little guys can dig!  They must have awesome arm muscles.  And then once buried they cover it up, put the leaves back over the spot and ever so gently pat it with their little hands.  It’s really funny, I will remember where he buried that acorn but he won’t.  But then I’ll forget why I walked into a room or where my glasses are.  Maybe I should ask the squirrel.

Speaking of empty trees, our Christmas tree is up, but empty.  Has been for two weeks.  The boxes of ornaments are just sitting and waiting for me to do my thing.  I have a quirk about the way I decorate the tree, I should say system, like I have a purpose and reason, but it really is a quirk.  The ribbon and star have to go up first. For that reason alone you would think I would put it in a box marked “open first” that way I wouldn’t have to hunt for it every year.   It only took me 20 minutes to locate the ribbon, I could’ve had all the ornaments up in that time.

So today while I work,  I’ll take short breaks and grab a box of ornaments, toss them on the tree then go back to my desk.

Does that qualify for multitasking?


We have a new grand dog.

Her name is Daisy.  She’s a one year old yellow lab rescue.  Our daughter Riley convinced herself that she needed a companion, so a large 65 lb dog for a one bedroom apartment should do the trick.  I’m convinced this will be a great lesson for Riley.

She is definitely honing her patience skills, learning how to function on very little sleep and is learning what it’s like to be responsible for a life that is dependent on her for food, shelter, love and attention.

Hummmm….sounds like being a parent, even if it is a fur child.


And today I opened an email from an awesome blogger telling me that I was featured on her wonderful blog today.  How cool is that?

So if you have some time, hop on over to The Dedicated House and see the other blogs Kathryn featured today.

Hope your Monday was wonderful!



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How was your Thanksgiving? I hope it was blessed with lots of family, friends, food and fun.

Our Thanksgiving menu was the traditional fare, roast turkey, cornbread dressing, giblet gravy, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole & rolls. Our daughter Riley made the green bean casserole and her favorite Thanksgiving dish, the “pink stuff”. I was craving Waldorf Salad so I whipped one up real quick. Justin, Riley’s beau, made two pecan pies and I made two pumpkin pies.

Pumpkin Pie

Well, I really made three. One never made it to the table.

 Wednesday night, Jim and I ran to the store to pick up a few last minute items. While we were gone, our dog Rudy decided to help himself to one of my pies.

He’s such a naughty dog.

So it was back to the store to get another pie plate since he broke the other one as he pulled it off the counter, then I was rolling out pie crust and mixing the pumpkin recipe around 9pm. So much for cooking ahead of time.

I know better than to leave food out on the counter, but I forgot to put the pies away. Maybe this time I’ve learned my lesson.
As I write this post, Jim is heating up leftovers,the very best part of Thanksgiving!


Do you have favorite things you make or use everyday?

I have several but some are my very very favorite.  Like my iced lattes, I love my iced lattes and I look forward to my daily treat from the time I get out of bed.

But I have to earn my treat.  Before I indulge I make myself drink at least 48oz of water.  If I don’t do that then I will struggle for the rest of the day trying to reach my 64 ounces of water intake.   Goals are great.  Rewards help me meet my goals.

I say indulge but really my lattes are not that bad.  I found away to have my daily latte and keep it low fat and low calorie.

My secret is Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk!  It’s only 30 calories per cup.  My other little secret is the Chocolate Low Fat Natural Bliss Creamer by Coffee Mate , it’s only 20 calories per Tbsp.   My latte consists of 1 cup of cold coffee, 1 cup of Almond Milk and 3 Tbsp of Coffee Mate poured over ice. It’s delightful and only 90 calories!

 I keep a carafe of cold coffee in the fridge because I cut back on my coffee habit last September, I no longer drink a 8-10 cups of coffee a day, but I still make a full pot for Jim every day.  What he doesn’t drink, I let cool and pour into a glass carafe to use for my iced coffee.

psst, don’t tell… but some times I cheat and have two, but not very often

Low Calorie Iced Latte Recipe

Another one of my faves that I (we) use every day is cloth napkins.  I love cloth napkins, they’re soft, they don’t fall apart and they save trees.  I have several different sets, patterns and colors but these green napkins are used everyday with each meal.  Since I do laundry a few times a week anyway, it no big deal to toss the napkins in with a load of clothes.

Another reason cloth napkins are so dear to me is because they are perfect for teaching.  I taught all my little ones how to fold clothes and iron with cloth napkins.

Let’s face it, folding clothes is a bit difficult for little hands, but folding square napkins is easy and it makes them feels so awesome to help mommy fold clothes.  As for the ironing…what could be easier to iron than a square piece of cloth.  So I used napkins to teach my kids how to iron.

Soooo, do they iron their clothes now that they’re older?  Probably not, but at least they know how if they have too.


Are you a Black Friday shopper?   I’m not so today I stayed tucked in my cozy quiet home. I really don’t like to shop unless it’s a flea market, yard sale, antique shop or salvage barn.  Since you don’t see many of those advertising Black Friday sales I was content to stay home and enjoy a warm fire and left overs.

Enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving weekend.

We will be decorating the tree that’s already been up for a week, sprucing up the yard and eating leftovers.


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It’s been two years since we found our vintage mantel.  I had always dreamed of having mantel for a headboard in our master bedroom and after years of patiently searching flea markets and salvage barns we finally found the perfect mantle for our room.

This post has been in the making for a long time.  But today I can claim it to be complete!

It’s finally a real headboard.

Vintage Mantle Headboard -Upholstered Headboard inset for Vintage Mantle in master bedroom

For over a year our vintage mantle “functioned” as a headboard, however it was far from being “functional”, for instance…it wasn’t attached to the wall, which made sitting things on top a bit harry.  Although the bed pretty much kept it stable, it wasn’t safe to set anything on top. And then there was the issue of the huge opening, where pillows or small children were lost if not careful.

RELAX! it was a joke.

No small children were harmed in the making of this headboard 🙂

But can you see the opening?  That got old real quick, but I guess it didn’t bother us too much since it took two years finish.

It was time to get this thing put into the DIY project complete column.

My plan was to cover the opening with a padded insert, but first we had to secure the mantle to the wall.  This we did with a few L brackets and attaching them into the wall studs.    The insert would then nest into the larger opening.

Well actually it would sit on top of the smaller opening but nest into the larger one…make sense?  No?  Okay, see where Jim’s hand is…the insert would sit on that ridge.

Once the L brackets were attached we still went months with no insert.

Seriously….we must be the slowest DIYers in the world.

Or you could say that I’m methodical and take my time meditating on how I will get the pictures in my head onto paper and then get it all completed.

We used three L brackets along the top inside of the mantle. This thing is not going anywhere! It is definitely secure.

We bought 3/4″ plywood to make the insert.  We measured it just right and allowed just enough room for padding and material.  In order to avoid attaching the insert to the mantel, we opted for a really snug fit.

eek! I forgot to close my bathroom door,  you can see my shower curtain reflecting in the mirror, ahh and the dust on the night stand.  nice touch! I totally planned that.

Next came the notching out at the upper corners to allow the padding and material to fit around the trim work.

I fell in love with the detailed trim on this mantel. It was not too ornate but just enough.

Then we wrapped the plywood in batting. We also cut two little mouse holes at the bottom of the board, not for mice though. We did this to pull the cords through for our lamps, phone and Jim’s C-PAP machine. We needed easy access to unplug if we needed to, so the extension cords run through the openings and we can access the plugs under the bed. We didn’t try to make these pretty because no one would ever see them. After we wrapped the board we just cut holes in the material where the mouse holes were.

We used painters drop cloth to upholster the board mainly because I wanted a neutral fabric that would go with any type of bedding and it matched my drop cloth bed skirt. I went with the #10 weight because it was thicker and more durable.

Although I haven’t done it yet, I would suggest Scotch guarding to keep it clean.

Upolstered headboard inset

Now it’s done and I am a happy, happy camper.

I love propping up my pillows and snuggling up with a good book or watch a movie on my laptop. I feel like a queen.

Vintage Mantle Headboard -Upholstered Headboard inset for Vintage Mantle in master bedroom


You probably couldn’t guess that I love pretty mirrors. I don’t love looking in them (LOL) but I rarely pass up the chance to buy one, especially if it’s a great price.

Jim and I headed out one morning on a mission of some sort and saw a garage sale sign.

We looked at each other, smiled and Jim did a u-turn.

I love how he reads my mind.

We found this beauty and bought it in a blink.

It’s big, heavy, beveled, beautiful and…


This is not where it will stay, but until I decided where to put it in our house and what color to paint the frame, I’ll leave it here. Besides, I’ve always wanted a mirror in this spot because our master bedroom is wonky. I can’t put the bed on this wall because of my bathroom door being smack dab in the middle of the wall. So my bed can never be seen from the door way, which stinks because I love looking at my mantel.

Placing a huge mirror here would solve that problem,


then I would see myself first thing every morning.

Not sure that’s a good thing.

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Wow, that title reads like a news headline.

If this were really newsworthy the headline might read like this; “Cookie Jar Shatters But Lid Miraculously Survives” and the story would go on to tell you how the lid was not thrown away but forgotten for years, left to gather dust under a cabinet out in the garage, until one day the mister was cleaning out the junk filled cabinet and asked the misses what he should do with it.

My mouth said…keep it? but my eyes said…duh!

and then I got that look from him…you know the one? Like, ” you’ve kept in this long and why?”

I mean seriously, why did I keep that lid?

It was guilt I tell ya. Just plain old guilt, probably because I broke the jar.

But now it has a job to do, it hags on the wall in my kitchen.

and then…

a towel gets tossed it from time to time!  It’s now my new towel hook next to my sink.

and I tell the mister to never doubt me again!


How about those really old and paint crusted iron claw feet for a tub, but no tub to go with it? and I bought them for what reason?  No other than they were really awesome and I just knew I could use them some how, some where.

and we did

They make great door stops!  I think a pair of these would make great book ends too.

Probably need to grout my tile instead of writing a blog post…nah, this is more fun.


I’ve shared before how I use vintage door knobs; but I’m sure there are many more uses than I’ve found.
In fact one of my favorite Pins last year was the glass knobs as Christmas tree ornaments. Loved that!

I still love having them sit in a big bowl for decoration and for holding photos

Rustique Art's Door Know Photo Holder


Here’s a little tip for ya…you might have read to keep some chalk in your toolbox to keep you tools from rusting

(what? they’re not supposed to be rusty?)

I’ve discovered something else…the chalk helps me see the engraved sizes on my drill bits

so I find a purpose for even the smallest piece of chalk, the little nubs get tossed in the tool box too. then when someone doesn’t put the drill bits back in their little place in the bit box, just rub the chalk across the tops of the bits then wipe away the dust and there they are!

yep, they have gauges for that sorta thing too, but those end up missing.

Now if this would only work on my sewing machine needles 🙂

Speaking of sewing, needles and drill bits…the dust has been flying around here.  I’ve even got the mister working on some of my projects.

New things being made and installed, stay tuned.


Nubby, Rough & Neutral

this fall I’m in the mood for lots of texture and neutrals

I’m also loving my newest hobbies….crochet and knitting

I’ve always loved fiber, in fact I could spend more money on yarn than beads.

Beads, wire and yarn…my stash overfloweth!

For months this idea has been floating around in my head and it has finally made it’s way to completion. It seems to take me awhile to move into create mode.  For some reason my ideas from beginning to end take months.  I suppose this is okay since I don’t really work under any deadlines.

The idea was to crochet a pillow out of some big chunky string.  You know like the string a mop is made out of.   Since I didn’t know where to find that, I just bought a mop head (you can buy them in bulk, who knew?) and took it apart then created a HUGE ball of yarn,

of which I used for other things for a time, but then I got busy and finally made my pillow!

It only took me almost two years!!

(18 months to think about it and 1 week to make it)

but here it is…

I love it…

it turned out just the way I imagined it would.

I didn’t do too much decorating this year for fall, only one little area and I think that only happened because I was cleaning that area and you know how that goes…

you begin cleaning, then get sidetracked and since you have everything torn apart and in a mess already, you might as well decorate while you put it all back together.

yeah…that only lasted one day, then I was over it.  The cleaning part too.

So as we say goodbye to October, I’ll leave you with a view of my tiny little corner of fall decor.

See you in November!

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