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It’s Time To…

decorate the tree

sit by the fire

address Christmas cards

wrap gifts

watch my favorite movies

#1 favorite…It’s a Wonderful Life

#2 favorite…Miracle on 34th Street

over and over and over again until my family wants to hide them from me!

i love this time of year

Christmas traditions

Christmas songs

Christmas movies

Christmas church services

Christmas shopping


the real reason i love this time of year


How does your family celebrate Christmas?

What are your traditions? Foods? Songs? Movies?


  • Autumn Beck

    We read from the Bible of Christ’s birth.

    I love listening to Christmas music. Not the modern junk but the awesome classics that really make you stop and praise God for his precious gift to us.

  • Paula Jo @ Home Accents | Home Decor

    This is my first time in here, and you have a really nice blog. I love listening to Christmas music also. I don’t get much time to watch tv. I use to watch a lot of the old Christmas movies. Maybe some year again. Made out Christmas cards yesterday, and going to start making the special breads, cookies, and candy today. This has been a tradition of mine since I was a little girl helping my mom. I love to bake, and cook so no problem with it. I really enjoy it and giving big trays to neighbors, friends and family. Tree and decorations are up so trying to get a head start of things this year. Still have to wrap some gifts, but hopefully will have a week to just sit back and kick up the legs a bit. Hope your enjoying and getting to do the things you love to do for Christmas.

  • Katie

    lovely site! i am a fellow teamCAC member…& a new follower.


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