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is there a tongue medic in the house?

You’re probably thinking that my tongue has gotten me in trouble again.


This is a simply a story of how I stuck my tongue out and paid the price.

My newest and most favoritest dessert

Chobani Greek Yogurt. Yum!

Pineapple is fab. Lemon is dreamy. Mango delish!

IĀ  just love to say the name…

“Chobani.Chobani.Chobani” and I addĀ  my famous Italian accent with it.

I sound so European šŸ™‚

But here is what you don’t want to do…

You don’t want to stick your tongue into the cup and lick out the mini tub clean


you make sure you have removed “ALL” of the foil top from the rim of the container.

I should know…

I now have a cut on my tongue to prove my point!

I would provide a pic…

but that would just be gross!

You’ll just have to take my word for it.

or you can try it and see, but don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Something tells me that my Italian accent won’t be the same for a few days šŸ™‚

Hope you’re enjoying a lovely weekend.

Get outside and enjoy some fresh air….

and keep your tongue in your mouth!

Unless you’re catching raindrops or snowflakes.



  • maggie ann

    What a shame you cut your tongue on the foil. They say the tongue is a fast healer, you just might be better already. Hope so!

    • Cindi Albright

      It is indeed all better and I was back at it yesterday…licking the inside of my yogurt cup…minus the foil šŸ™‚

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