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I Respectfully Disagree!


I need a platform, one that has a lot of room to speak my mind and although some may not agree that my personal blog is the place to do it, then I would respectfully ask; “where else”?

Pulling out my soapbox….stepping up….hear me roar!

I saw this news clip earlier today on Yahoo of course, the “sensational news story forum” for the world. This story is sweet and I am glad that I clicked on it to watch because I don’t watch a lot of television so sometimes I get my news from the web. That way I don’t have to hear all negative news all the time. I would prefer some of my news to be sprinkled with stories like this one. However…let me say that it too chaffed me a bit.

Not the subject or the person the story is built around…no, it was the news person and the woman in the story, their slant or spin on words. Listen and tell me if you heard it like I did.

Well? Did you catch it?

An act of patriotism indeed. He is a good Samaritan and this story is very heart warming. The reporter goes on to say that the Samaritan is homeless, his only comforts a small television a two loyal cats and that despite this being his home and this being his life, he still has so much love for his country. Bozarth sees what he did as an act of respect for what the flag represents; American freedom, the freedom for American. Ms.Orozco quotes; “a homeless man who has nothing at all, he still holds on to his flag, he still holds on to his country.

So what’s my problem? Here’s my view of it all…

He is a good Samaritan, homeless or not he took action and did what anyone should have done if you see our flag in distress. This is not something that just a boy scout learns in his training. But then again…are we teaching our children what the flag represents?

He is homeless. Anyone ever consider that might be his choice. A choice he can exercise because he lives in this country. Although many would not embrace his life style, chosen or not, he has the freedom to make that choice.

His only comforts are a small television and his two loyal cats. Mr. reporter your view of comfort is skewed if you think that a television is a comfort. Compassion for animals and being responsible for their well being is a privilege and one that is rewarded with loyalty and companionship. And yes, that is a comfort.
But the man has a home, shelter and a place to sleep. I know…it’s not what many would choose, but to say he is homeless…I would ask him. I mean didn’t the reporter in one sentence say he was homeless, but then go on to say that; “despite this being his home?” yeah…

And so despite it all he still has so much love for his country and flag…Well, I don’t agree that “his country or his flag” is responsible for his choice of living quarters. Now remember, he did at one time hold a job. Regardless if he has fallen on hard times, it is not the fault of our nation or the flag. And furthermore, the fact that he loves his country and appreciates the freedom and liberties of this country, I would say he understands the point more than the reporter or most people do.

Bozarth is a smart, humble and respectful man who appreciates what he has regardless of the fact that many people would feel bad for him because of where he lives.

And then the clincher for me, the sentence that sent me over the edge; “a homeless man who has nothing at all”. Really? Like I said before, he has shelter, a place he calls home, the freedom to live there, two sweet cats, which by the way he has the ability to feed if you noticed. Looks like he is eating because he didn’t look frail or malnourished. He has clothing…I could go on but you get my point.

Who are we?

Who are we to assume that because a person doesn’t live in the same style or perceive “comfort” as we do, that they are worse off.

On the contrary…I would say that he is less burdened than many Americans. Yep, he doesn’t have bills to pay. He doesn’t worry if he is impressing anyone with his car or home. He doesn’t worry if he has a bigger television than his friends or the latest version of the iPhone. He doesn’t spend he days looking for love via the internet, nor does he yearn to be accepted or noticed by his virtual friends on the various social networks.

And the fact that he is so unburdened by material items…he has the clarity to think of others before himself.

That is true freedom.

I’m done…stepping down…good day!


  • Natalie -- NKP Designs

    He does seem content with the things he has, which most of us would consider lacking. He is a humble, and patriotic, man. That's rare.

    Thanks for sharing, Cindi.

  • AMKreations

    I didn't see those things in my initial watching, but what you state is true…and very thought provoking.

    We do have more choices here…and we often take them for granted. The last paragraph was great…"nor does he yearn to be accepted or noticed by his virtual friends on the various social networks. " It's so easy to get caught up in so many things in this life. Time to refocus!

  • Faded Highways

    Hi there. I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by the other day. I'm adding myself to your blog too. Now I'm off to look around some more. Have a lovely evening!

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