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I Love Snow Days!

12:00am Tuesday morning I crawled in bed for a long winters nap. The weather forecast was grim so I turned off my alarm knowing that whether the schools were open or not; I would not be risk driving in whatever was on the roads in the morning. Darling son would have the morning to sleep in. Not so much the story for good ole mom. I was awakened at 3:ooam to the sound of thunder and heavy rain…snuggling deeper into the covers, Rudy (darling doggie) jumps in bed and I drift back off into blissful slumber. For 15 more minutes that is, then the sleet pellets began pelting my windows, the wind sounded as if my poor house was 100years old and more thunder.  The freaky weather was upon us at last.  Freaky because Saturday I was by the pool sunbathing.  On comes the pool pump as the water temperature drops below freezing.  It’s okay…the hum eventually lulls me back to sleep. Until 3:30am when that howling wind had blown enough Live Oak leaves into my pool the skimmers were filled to the brim and that sound of my pool pump struggling to suck the water into the pump could no longer be ignored.  This is when most women wake hubby. But mine had already left for work…at the airport…that is now closed due to ice on the planes and runways. Poor guy…who am I to complain as I don my fluffy robe, crocks and one bright yellow Playtex glove and shove my hand into a dark hole filled with frigid water and remove the leaves from the skimmer on my hands and knees…while the wind was gusting at 25mph, more thunder and …oh yes, I forgot the lightning.

Both dogs and I make it safely back into our cozy home, shaking off the ice and crawl back into bed. Finally!!!!

Next thing I know my phone is ringing…hubby asks “did I wake you?”  Isn’t he so sweet…it was 7:ooam I should be up. He shares that the planes are late and he was being held over and he would be home later 🙁     When our little house finally begins to stir this morning…we awoke to a winter wonderland.The view from my back door…this was my DayLilly flowerbed.

I can’t even tell you this little guy’s name…maybe it’s “Frosty” daylilly.


I work from home so I get to go to work; but only after some details are taken care of…

detail #1

Roaring Fire

detail #2

Hot cup of coffee x 3

detail #3

Hearty breakfast!

Let it snow…

It’s off to work I go…

in my PJ’s and fluffy socks…

in front of the fire!

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