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i found it…but i should’ve left it!

This is a lesson in knowing when to pick up a found object or leave it.

We had a really windy Spring and sometime during a really windy day, a lovely little robin egg fell out of a nest.  I didn’t actually see this event take place, but I did happen along shortly after.  This was obvious because it was still in one piece and not crushed by one of our clueless dogs.

I found it while cleaning up after our two big dogs who like to do their business all over the backyard and around the pool.  They do this just to watch me walk all over the yard hunting for their little surprises.  I know they sit on the other side of that patio door and snicker.  Well anyway…while I was bagging a little treasure, a glimpse of blue caught my eye just off to my side.  Upon closer inspection I confirmed it was indeed a little robin’s egg.  Overjoyed that I found beauty in the midst of my version of “dirty jobs” I set it in a safe place and finished up.

Later that day I had this great idea!  *snort*

How about I place this cute little egg in the nest that is nestled in my front door wreath. So I did…

Looks nice yes?

Well weeks went by…and well,  ummm, well how was I supposed to know that was not a good idea?

You see…opening and closing the door sometimes caused it to shift and I would often reposition.  Yesterday I reached up to ‘reposition’  and it kind of cracked open…I barely touched it and the sides just caved in.  bummer.

I gingerly picked it up and tossed into the yard.

Then the aroma it me…oh my!

Visions of Charlotte’s Web and the rotten goose egg stink’n up the barnyard began running through my head.

I bet you’re wondering what I did next…right?

I did what any one would do, I ran in the house grabbed my Evelyn & Crabtree Rose scented room spray and went out  and fumigated my front porch.

I see it this way, it smelled better than rotten egg and if anyone came to my door they would just assume I had a wonderfully scented rose bush hidden somewhere 🙂

The moral to this story?

Not everything you find should be picked up! no matter how pretty it is.

and don’t you know that I am so thankful that I didn’t put the egg somewhere in my home.

Lesson learned and hopefully you’ve had a good laugh at my expense.  haha!




  • Elisabeth

    Oh what a cute little story…I could imagine every little bit of it. I guess I’ll know next time I happen upon a pretty rotten egg lol

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