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“Deep in the ART of TEXAS”

Are you a Texas Artisan/Crafter?  Want to promote your designs, shop, blog, website, photos and more for free?

I launched a new Facebook fan page today specific to Texas artisans.  This a free open forum of Texas crafters and artists to promote their handmade designs and promote other Texas artists.  There are a lot of us out there; all spread out amongst various online handmade venues.  My hope is to bring them together on Facebook a place where anyone on Facebook can “like” and know where to find their favorite Texas artist.

If you are on Facebook already, stop by and take a look, hit the “like” button and share with friends.  Not on Facebook?  That’s okay we can still promote your shop, website, blog, flickr….whatever, as long has you make designs in Texas.


and a twitter page!

and a flickr group!
just geo tag your photos for Texas, join and post!

and a blog where we can feature Texas artists

The more activity the more your seen, just like a snowball rolling down hill….we really don’t have many snowballs in Texas but you get what I mean…right?

Let’s go promote TEXAS ART!

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  • kayd selden

    I’m looking for an artist from Texas who makes crosses (maybe other things also), using a ruff sterling silver wire to form the cross (pendant, different sises)then uses a smaller gauge sterling wire to wrap around & around the cross adding semi precious beads to cover the front of cross pendant. I bought one sometime ago…wonderful artist. All handmade. Brought from a shop in Apalachicola Florida.
    Can you help me find this artist.
    A friend of mine who has a gallery in town, wants to sell them in her upscale retail store. Thanks! Kayd (“KD”) Selden

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