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guess who came to dinner last night?

Yep! it was Bob!

He looked amazing in his red suit

He even accessorized with a sprig of fresh mint!

Since I first posted about my very first tomato

we’ve since found that the plant that Bob came from is a mass producing plant

Bob now has about 16 siblings growing very nicely

that is just one plant, the others are coming along as well

Bob…this is your life!


You were a slow grower, first on the vine but it’s been a long journey for you


Pubescence was good to you as your complexion was flawless and smooth

although not rebellious, you looked as if you would be tied to the vine for life

Middle Age

You matured quite nicely….finally!

This was a happy day for me, to finally see some color in your cheeks.

and then literally the next day…

Mature Adult

You had arrived.  This was your moment to shine!

You were ready to leave the vine…

So we could dine together 🙂

May I say Bob that you have excellent taste!


You know your first is always special

Don’t be concerned…I won’t be documenting every tomato

Enjoy your day!


  • Anita

    Oh yummy…fresh tomatoes! I love a tomato sandwich…thank God for road side stands…since I can’t have a garden. =)

    Bob…aren’t you funny! =) Where is his hairbrush?
    Anita recently posted..Being Thankful

  • bj

    ooo, i do love me some fresh, homegrown tomatoes…
    this is a darling post.

  • stephanie

    I have a tomato plant in a pot on my front porch. It now has 20 tomatoes on it that are taking their very sweet time to grow and ripen. I can’t wait to bite into them.
    stephanie recently posted..Giveaway Winnings!

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