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Flower Pots? or Not….

Remember me…I have issues with throwing things away. Yes, even broken things. It must be a very addictive behavior as I have increasingly seen many creative minds in the same boat I am in. What are we to do? Well….we “make” the best of this gift we have {that’s what I tell myself, that it’s a gift} and create wonderful designs to use in our home.

Let me show you….scroll this way.

This pot was cracked…haha…{it’s a crack pot}

well now it’s a lampshade!

{low wattage bulbs are suggested…it will get hot!}

Then I joined the millions of woman’s groups, retirement homes and VBS craft ladies….although I wasn’t aware of that at the time. I thought that I was being clever….but hey, they made great gifts!

Then there is just the utilitarian look…so functional!

Then we have the “I need a display idea and it’s 12am…I have a show set up in 5 hours” pot!

Empty dirt,


paint black


!Voila! it works…

Okay, put dirt back in because I found an old chair to paint and I need a pot on it! that works too!
But then that’s what it’s supposed to be…{hubby and kids rolling their eyes}

Thinking that this would make a great chalkboard too!

Haven’t tried that yet….maybe next post.

Taaaa daaa! This is the end of the tour….

was it all that it was cracked up to be? πŸ™‚

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  • LOL too funny! (rolling the eyes comment from the others)

    That lampshade is stylin’! Love the colour and distressing you did.

    Well done on the many uses you can do with these guys. Aren’t they the greatest? πŸ™‚ Thanks for linking up to ‘the pot party!’


  • I have the same “issue!” I love that you used it even though it was cracked, I think it adds alot of character!
    Cheers, Andrea

  • Tracy ,

    I am not sur what I love more. I love the lamp shade, the display pot and then of course the pot with flowers in them. I thought about the lamp shade idea but could figure out how I wanted to do it. I guess my fav is the display! Thanks for sharing.

  • Anita ,

    Very cute use for an old broken pot! I use even use my shards as hole covers. Never throw them out!

  • Coleen ,

    Oh, I DO adore your cleverness! I really like the lamp shade… I believe it is the happiest looking cracked pot I’ve ever seen!

  • Lisa ,

    I LOVE the lampshade!! Terrific idea.
    Come on over.. I’m having a giveaway. A gorgeous necklace. Would love to see you!

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