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Feeling Just Peachy Today

Yep I’m feeling just peachy today!

Probably because  it’s just time to start thinking about fresh peaches


today it’s seems that’s what I’m craving.

Since I don’t have any I figured the next best thing would be to share

some of my peachy vintage collectibles with you.

Found these little lovelies when I stopped by Queen Bee’s in Hamilton last month…

This is one of my favorite vintage cookie jars…

he’s made by Shawnee and named the “Winking Owl”

I love the colors of this sweet little jar…

He is pretty cute don’t ya think?
I found this unusual tulip shaped dish along with two others,

while at the Canton Trade Days last month

Just couldn’t pass these up…

They look great with a candle


M & M’s !!!!!

There’s more to this story…

I’ll cover that in another post

but for now, I’ll leave you thinking about fresh peaches


what I would do with them if I had some!

I’m so mean aren’t I?

It’s probably because I’m hungry 🙂



here’s a peek at what’s coming up next;


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