Between the { } ….you won’t want to miss it! – Rustique Art

Between the { } ….you won’t want to miss it!

That word always gets my attention 
but this time it’s even better!

Looks what’s up for grabs…

Head on over to Faded Prairie and visit with Kristin and then enter to win!
and then take a gander at her awesome Etsy shop!
Oh..I like that word too!
Betty over at Jack Rabbit Flats has featured Rustique Art in her latest blog

post.  What a sweet, sweet soul.  Of course her and I have much in common.

She makes crosses too. 

and naturally I have a favorite…
That would be this one
Our Etsy CAC Team hosted a secret sister gift exchange… I played along and
look what I got…
from Janette @ Uniquely Yours Crafter
{Hand crocheted…soft..sweet..nesting…bowls!}
{bet you’ll never guess…}
{what I’m going to put in them}
thank you Janette…I love them!
I’ve never won anything…really!
and guess how I won…
I actually answered all of the questions right! 
Creek Bed Threads hosted a blog contest about photography of all things.
First time to ever make a 100% on any quiz.
my prize…
{yes I’s divine!}
thank you Erin!
She has more little cutie’s in her Etsy shop…go check them out!
I’m so blessed…
What a fun week and I got chocolate for Mother’s Day!
Donna over a FUNKY JUNK INTERIORS is having one heck of a party!
Today the game is “the clay pot party” 
you enter by linking your blog post about your clay pot ideas…

well yes…I entered my blog post because I want to win the adorable tea cup 

pin cushion from Sherry @ Creations from my Heart

my link entry was pretty creative I think…
I’ll give you a peak

{but you will have to go read the rest}

 and then

go check out the party…it’s a blast!


This was quite the eclectic post today….
have fun visiting all of these lovely friends of mine.



  • pfd

    that was a fun post. Congrats on winning!

  • AMKreations

    Wow, cool gifts, great winnings! Congratulations!

  • she dreams big!

    You have been one lucky gal! And I am amazed at the cross you are giving away at Faded Prairie! In fact, I am amazed at all of your creations in your etsy shop. Talent? You got it girl!

    Wish me luck so I can win your cross! BTW, I am a new happy follower!

  • Rustique Art

    Thank you Miss Connie…I love your blog…a new place to rest and read…yay!

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