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Barbed Wire Crosses, Hearts & Wreaths

*Update:  All Rustique Art Barbed Wire designs have been put on hold. 

Handcrafted Barbed Wire Crosses look amazing in any home, patio or garden area.

Rustique Art Barbed Wire Wall Crosses can be displayed outside and will withstand the elements of any season. The exposure to rain and sun will age the cross giving it a more “Rustique” look.  Every cross has a hanging loop so that it’s ready to display.

When I ship out orders, I feel the need to attach bright neon labels all over the carefully wrapped barbed wire design, stating; “this is real barbed wire…gloves are recommended when handling”.   That’s like pointing out the obvious right?  But I would feel terrible if someone, in all the excitement to open their package, reached in and grabbed a handful of barbs.

In the last six years I’ve gone through; six pairs of thick rawhide gloves, ruined several shirts, stepped on many barbs, one tetanus shot, been scratched so many times I’ve lost count, one really serious injury, deep gash on back of leg left a nice scar.

All of my barbed wire designs are handmade, hand cut, hand bent & twisted.  A twisted barbed wire cross, like the crosses shown below, are made from one very long piece of wire, with the exception of one, the straight line cross with copper ties.

Below is a sampling of designs made over the years.

Barbed Wire Cross & Ceramic Cross15″ Barbed Wire Cross with 6″ Ceramic Cross

Large Barbed Wire Cross with Ceramic Cross 13″ Barbed Wire Cross with 6″ Ceramic Cross

Small Barbed Wire Cross BARBED WIRE WALL CROSS
[original design]

Extra Large Handmade Barbed Wire Cross15″ Barbed Wire Cross

Extra Large Celtic Barbed Wire Cross with Steel Fleur de Lis Cross13″ Barbed Wire Celtic Cross with 8″ Bead wrapped Fleur de Lis cross and Wire Wreath attached

BarbedWireCross with stone cherub13″ Barbed Wire Cross with Stone Winged Cherub

Small Barbed Wire Cross with Small Stone Cherub 9″ Barbed Wire Cross with Stone Cherub

Barbed Wire Cross with Copper WrapStraight Line Barbed Wire Cross with Copper Ties

Large Barbed Wire HeartDouble Twisted Barbed Wire Heart

Barbed Wire Wreath

Thinking you would like to make some of your own Barbed Wire designs?

Here are some things you will need before working with barbed wire;

very thick leather gloves (found at any hardware store)

safety glasses (a must)

thick long sleeve shirt (blue jean jacket if you have one) *note: clothing will get caught and damaged, make sure the clothing you choose is okay to get holes and rips in it.

long pants (blue jeans is best)

baseball cap (optional) but I have been popped in the head a few times

closed toed shoes (sneakers: good protection, leather boots: great protection, do not wear flip flops!)

tools:  heavy duty wire cutters, ruler (to measure specific lengths), heavy duty needle nose pliers

Keep barbed wire away from children and pets and always be sure to check the area where you have worked to make sure all debris is picked up, those little barbs slip off and will get stepped on.

Working with barbed wire can cause serious injury.  Use with extreme caution and always wear proper clothing to reduce the risk of injury.  If you choose to work with barbed wire, do so at your own risk and be prepared to get “bitten” by it.  It goes without saying, you will get a scratch at minimum.  Make sure you know when you had your last tetanus vaccine and be prepared to go get one if it’s been awhile.  I always thought it was every 10 years, but my doc said; “if you work with a lot of metal, especially rusty metal, then every 5 years”.  If you do get injured with barbed wire, you must clean the wound thoroughly. This is imperative!!!  I would even suggest being seen by a doctor to make sure it is cleaned well.

Would you like to see a little rusty barbed wire on your walls?  Want to know where you can find barbed wire in your area?  Be sure to leave your questions below in the comments, I will personally get back with you.
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  • paula

    i have to say you arent going to get tetanus from barb wire cuts. tetanus needs water/bacteria…Clostridium tetani spores can be found most commonly in soil, dust and manure. think of rusty things outdoors that lay in the ground and have that on it. even if your barb wire if it had it on it by the time you got it home and washed the barb wire off, it would no longer exist. i work with rusty metal and have had pretty substantial bleeding cuts, never worry about it. ever. i really like your ‘plain’ crosses with just the barb wire. well done!!!

  • Frank

    Where do you buy barbed wire? I’m thinking I would like to try my hand at this. I live in southern California.

    • Cindi Albright

      I get most of my barbed wire from friends and family, however if you drive through enough countryside you will see where many land owners have replaced their barbed wire fencing and left the old fencing rolled up on the ground. I would stop and asked the owner if they would like for me to take that off of their hands 🙂

  • Kathy Lear

    Have you ever made tractors for the center of burlap wreaths. You
    will find them on pinterest if you type in the search bar, farmall

    wreaths. One comes up with a tractor made out of barbed wire.
    I make the burlap wreaths, but am not sure how to do the tractor. I
    have several requests to make them, but don’t know how to do the tractor.
    Your input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks !

  • Lydia Nieto-Martinez

    I am wondering if the nails with crown of thorns cross can be made to be worn as a pendent. I would love to have one made for me.

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