August in Our Home Town Always Brings…. – Rustique Art

August in Our Home Town Always Brings….

100 plus temperatures

Back to School Shopping


the Balloon Festival!

This August we welcome 4 of our grandchildren for a weekend without mom and dad! With promises not spoil them rotten, mom and dad reluctantly went to Boston for a seminar.
What did we do?
Swimming, read books, went to the library, played legos (all over the house),lounged in the hammock, went on a hunt for the missing shoe, went to church, grilled hot dogs and ate dinner with some cousins, broke up a few fights, wiped snotty noses, kissed away tears & boo boos, snuggled and smooched cheeks endlessly…and we went to the 23rd annual Balloon Festival. I believe with the exception of one or two, our family has been every year since it began.
There are always the various ways to loose your dinner when visiting the festival…

Not exactly my idea of fun…

they said I was to big for this ride…so I gave my seat to this cutie 🙂

if they had offered a celeb look alike contest…we might have won with this Elton John impersonation! 

Watching the Balloon Glow on Friday night of the festival was not as exciting for her…the fire jets used to get the hot air into the balloons it really loud and obviously quite frightening for the little ones.  
But others thought it was fascinating.

Believe it or not it was actually too windy for the balloons that night…
so while a couple did get filled up, many did not…

we got the glow without the balloons.
As you can see there were supposed to be many…in years past there have been up to twenty or so balloons lighting up this field located just off of a major highway…guess we didn’t stop too much traffic this year, but all in all it was a great time.
well with the exception of…
no kettle korn!!!!
We never leave with out a large bag…but this year we did!
Guess that means…
it’s time to go to CANTON TRADE DAYS!!! 
Do you have an annual event you have made into a tradition with your family?


  • AMKreations

    Wow, what an amazing day…it looks like such fun!

  • Autumn

    i loved going!!!! it was so fun!!! whoever lives around here and hasen`t gone has to go next year. i love you grandma!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Grateful for Grace

    Oh, what darling grandchildren you have!
    You are a wonderful grandma. What a fun outing. So… where was the shoe?

  • Tina

    Looks like a good time was had by all – nice pictures.

  • Rustique Art

    LOL! Grateful for Grace…it was in the laundry room. Right where he left it 🙂

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