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a rustic Valentine message for you & my excuse to decorate

I’ll keep this short and sweet, because we all know that a picture is worth what? 1000 words? If this is true then I get off easy tonight by sharing some photos of my recent play day and a sweet little message.

I don’t feel as if I need a reason to decorate but sometimes it’s fun to get caught up in a theme, especially one as lovely as Valentine’s Day.

Here’s the funny thing about me…I’m not a huge fan of pink, red and white or any other colors that seem to fall within the traditional Valentine color palette.

No, I prefer the muted tones of dusty rose, beige and rust with a touch of galvanized metal.

I roll rustic with a touch of shabby and a dash of vintage…

Isn’t she a darling?

I remember when I used to play this game with my kids.

I would tell them I loved them “this big” and stretch my arms out wide.

Then smother them with hugs and kisses

Now I play the “love you more” game with Riley and Jake

I don’t know if there is a love any larger than a parent’s love for their children.

Even though they are big and setting their sites on college and move out day, they will never to big to tell them over and over again how much I love them.

and even my children who’ve been out of the nest for years with families of their own, I still tell them over and over again how much I love them.

So I guess this is one reason why I love to decorate for this special day each year…

because as I do, I’m reminded of how blessed Jim and I are to have loved five children in this house and

how much our love has grown and deepened in our 28 years of marriage and

then there’s our 11 grand children we love so very very much.

but the most wonderful love of all is God’s love…

and don’t you just know that every time we tell God how much we love Him he replies…

“Love You More”

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  • Laura Rhodes

    Just had to comment again on your lovely post! God is awesome and I thank Him for you too! Nice to have found you, May you be walking closely with Him and bask in His Glorious Love! Blessings, Laura R.
    Laura Rhodes recently posted..Wonderful Prim Pics/DIY and more!

  • Debra@CommonGround

    love your rustic-vintage style!! and I agree, tell our kiddos how much we love them, no matter how old they are!!

  • michele

    I so agree, we should never stop telling our children, grown or not or with children of their own how much we love them, say it every single day…
    Love your rustic style!!
    michele recently posted..TAKE A LOOK AT MY BOARDS

  • Paula Jo @ garden accents

    I’ve always loved your rustic idea’s and décor and that will never change. You are very right about always being there to help our children even if they are married and have their own famiy. The most important is I always tell them that I love them.

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