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31 Days of Before & After ~ Day 19 “Is it Greek to you too?”

well I’m not sure about this but I went with it anyway.
I sent Riley to Hobby Lobby to pick up a few items to finish some projects.

One project was to fill a void.
I don’t like empty wall spaces that look empty because there has always been something there and now that there’s not, it’s driving me nuts.

I tried to live with it.

I can’t do it.

Remember this shot?

After the day of mudding?

See the space?

Not the huge empty wall, I have that space already done for now.

No, I mean between the windows.

I had seen something Miss Mustard Seed had done with some letters in her studio, made a bookmark in my head and went on with my day.

Empty space. MMS’s idea. It might work.

Her’s said M.A.K.E

so I thought mine could say D.I.N.E.

seeing that it’s in the dining room

but then while Riley was at Hobby Lobby her and I discussed other options

the letters weren’t on sale

(of course not, only when I don’t need them is when they would be 50% off)

I already had a “A”

we decided on E.A.T. that way I only have to buy two letters instead of four.

Riley said she didn’t want me to leave them gold.  I told her not to worry, just get them and get home

my first thought was to grab my can of hammered silver spray paint, but I stopped and forced myself to think differently.

I’m toying with color ideas for my kitchen cabinets so I need some test subjects

these will do fine

I dug through my supplies

I chose ASCP Graphite, which by the way is what I used on the vintage sewing drawer on Day 17 but I accidentally wrote charcoal, but it was really graphite.

Got the letters all painted and they look good,

grabbed my hammer, nails and level and went to town.

do you think of a fraternity or sorority house when you see this?

I did.

Maybe I should go back to D.I.N.E.

oh…and I told ya the polka dots would disappear

now there’s just nice creamy walls!

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  • Pat

    fraternity or sorority house ???
    For some odd reason it makes me think…I’m might be hungry! LOL…

    I like it…

  • Paula Jo @ Home and Garden Decor

    What a great idea!! I like the EAT, it capture’s the rooms purpose. I love the walls. You just come up with idea’s and it works for you. I’m impressed.

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