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31 Days of Before & After ~ Day 16: “Playing in the Mud”

This post will be short and sweet, unglamorous and boring but I have committed to doing 31 days of before and after.  So before and after you will get.

I spent my day, (7 hours!!!) playing in the mud.  Not the mud outside in my flowerbeds, not the mud in my garden.  No I spent seven hours mudding my dining room and kitchen walls.

I gave you a glimpse the other day.  Remember? …if not, read about that here.  Or just keep reading and you will see the drastic but unglamorous project the consumed my whole day.

one view…

there’s more

I must be exhausted because sharing my mess to the world doesn’t seem to matter to me right now.

one more view

I know…your wondering what’s up with the cabinet doors.   A test project never completed. Consider this another glimpse of a project that will be completed this month.

As you can see, I have much to do.

Since my hands, neck and pretty much my whole body hurts right now

we’re moving onto the after.

Now remember I said it was not glamorous

I warned you

one view

yes, the polka dots will fade once the mud has dried

Okay…that’s it for today

I’m going to go collapse now.

But first, inquiring minds might want to know:

Will I paint the walls?


What color?

Don’t know yet

What’s up with the cabinets, will you paint them?


What color?

Not telling

Why did you take photos when your dining room and kitchen where so messy?

Because it got messy when removing all of the junk so I could mud.

Aren’t you embarrassed to show your home when it’s messy?

Not at all…

this is a reality blog!


I’m going to lay on the couch now.

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See ya tomorrow!

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  • THAT is a heck of a lot of WORK!! Yay for YOU. Can’t wait to see it when your done. No biggie showing the during. My during usually looks like something exploded. I am a MESSY worker. You were so tidy!! Now get some rest =)))

  • Jacqui ,

    Cannot wait for the end result!! Get some rest, it looks really interesting…..

  • I love the reality of your blog. That’s the creative process at work. Hot bath time for you. Well done!

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