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Hello….is anybody out there?

Welcome to Soapbox Thursday! This blog carnival was created by Autumn. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else are yelling from their soapbox this week.

It’s amazing…when someone tells you that you could have an open venue to stand on your soapbox and release your frustrations without a care….you would think I would have set my alarm earlier today so that I could be the first to spew! But nooooooo….my mind went totally blank. However….I was able to squeeze one teeny tiny rant into my little fingers this evening just before the first Soapbox Thursday was over! Here she blows….my rant….

I own an online store and have a shop on
Etsy. Often I get emails from interested clients who have inquiries about my crosses. What other sizes? Can you do this? or that? Do you wholesale? Will you donate? How much does it cost?
I am happy to respond and delighted to know that someone in interested enough to stop what they are doing and type out a request to me. Usually I will respond upon receipt and reading of an email, unless there are extenuating circumstances such as checking to see if I have all that is needed for their request or taking the time to find what I would need to complete their request and have the lead times and pricing ready with the email. Most often in the latter example I will shoot back a response something like….”thank you for your interest in Rustique Art designs, I will gather any info I need to answer your questions and get right back to you.”

So my soapbox is this…you answer the email and wait to hear back….anything….hello! is anybody out there? Did they fall into a well?
All I want is a reply that they received my reply.

Like….thank you but “no thanks” or how about…just an “OK!”
Probably 8 times out of 10 I don’t hear back…..but that’s okay! I get over it and move on. Yes….my marketing guru friends, I do follow up a few days later with an email…”just checking in to see if you had anymore questions” or “when would you like that shipped?” LOL…not really!

Okay…I’m done and I was very mellow tonight….wasn’t I?

Hello…..are you there?

What is your soapbox? Your rant? Your pet peeve?

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  • Marcie ,

    Not a rant, or a pet peeve, just that I never see you anymore and I miss you!!! Marcie

  • Autumn ,

    LOL! This happens in every business I guess. With my book they will ask a million questions and then never buy. Same thing with Michael. It can be annoying then it all seems to even out when you have good sales.

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